How To Cover Bald Spots With Hair Extensions?

Bald spots, whether big or small, can be very damaging for your confidence. Whatever the cause, and whatever you have already tried to combat them, you can hide them very well using hair extensions.

You may be feeling a bit despondent if you have discovered a bald spot, or even if you have experienced more shedding than usual. Don’t panic! How to cover bald spots with hair extensions is simple, easy, and pretty affordable.

Hair extensions to cover bald spots

Hair extensions to cover bald spots

This method of covering bald spots, especially if you only have one or two small patches, is highly effective. Extensions are unobtrusive and very natural looking, so you can wear them with confidence and feel happier about your appearance.

They are not just for making your hair look thicker or longer; you can use hair extensions to hide the fact that you have little or no hair in certain areas.

What type of hair extensions should I get?

Obviously, you should go for hair extensions that are similar to your existing hair (unless you want a completely new look, and to go from blonde to black overnight!)

Different types of hair extension work for different types of hair, so it’s worth doing a bit of research before you decide on the best ones for you. Your hairdresser will be able to help you with this, and the internet also has a wealth of knowledge on the subject. Here is our review of micro loop hair extensions.

How do hair extensions work?

How do hair extensions work

Extensions are either natural or artificial hair that attaches to your own hair, to add volume or length, or the illusion of hair where there is none. There are a few different types of hair extension:

  • Clip in. You can apply these extensions at home as they are very simple to put into your hair. They offer no damage to your hair, as they simply clip in and out, which means you can add and remove them at your will.
  • Tape in. These extensions are usually applied by a hairdresser, as the glue on them needs to be heated with a special tool. This technique can, in the long term, damage your hair, due to the heat used to seal them in, but in general they are a good fix for covering bald spots.
  • Sew in. This type of extension definitely can’t be done at home as it requires specialist attention – the hair is woven tightly into cornrows, then the extensions are sewn in. This techniques works best with thick hair, as the process can be hard on the scalp.

Can I use hair extensions if I have short hair?

As long as you have some hair for the extensions to be fitted to, then you definitely can use hair extensions. Your extensions will match your existing hair as closely as possible, so no need to worry about them looking out of place.

Where to go to get hair extensions

The best place to go for hair extensions is your local salon. Hairdressers have a wealth of knowledge and experience with hair extensions, so they will be able to help you choose the right extensions for you, and help you fit them.

Of course, if you are using clip on extensions then you can just apply these yourself at home – there are a great many video tutorials to help.

How long do hair extensions last?

The time frame varies depending on which type of extension you get.

  • If you are using clip ins, then you can keep them in for as long or as short a time as you like.
  • Tape in extensions can last 4-8 weeks, but this time frame depends on how well you look after your hair and how quickly it grows.
  • Sew in extensions can be left alone in your hair for up to 4 months, though it is recommended that you change them around every couple of months, as they can damage your natural hair.

How to care for hair extensions

  • Remember to be very gentle with your hair extensions, particularly clip in or taped in ones.
  • Wash your hair with gentle shampoo that doesn’t contain Sulphates.
  • Minimise the pulling or hard brushing when you have extensions, as you don’t want to pull them out.
  • Avoid colouring your hair with extensions in, as they may react differently to your natural hair and you will end up with different coloured patches.

How to cover bald spots with hair extensions is an easy thing to do, and a technique that can really help your self image and confidence. If you have a bald spot or two caused by Alopecia, or a reaction to a hair product, or even an accident with a pair of scissors, you can cover these spots effectively with hair extensions.

Final words

Hair extensions to cover bald spots is a great way to get yourself out of a situation where you don’t feel confident due to a lack of hair. Whatever type you go for, just remember to be careful with them as they are not the same hair that grows out of your head!

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