You probably already know that the number one reason women tend to neglect their hair is that they are too busy taking care of everything and everyone else instead of themselves.

Ladies, as a hair care geek of several years it is time for me to explain the simple fact that you only have one scalp and if you fail to handle it correctly, there could be resulting hair troubles that may last a lifetime.

If you don’t believe that taking the necessary precaution to select safe and gentle to use hair care products is, a priority please take notice of the 21,000 women and children worldwide who experienced rashes, massive hair loss, and long-term pain after using only a single hair care product for less than a week.

I am on your side

I am here to help, and that is why I make such a fuss about your hair. If you don’t have the time to do the research and create a series of good habits to maintain healthy and beautiful hair, please allow me the honour of serving you.

My advice comes from years of experience, and I may not be right 100% of the time, but let us keep that little bit of information out of the hands of my hubby shall we?

Seriously speaking, I will do everything I can to provide you with the latest and best information about products, ideas and best practices which will make you proud of your hair every single day.

Our goal is to spread the word

If we can help a single person avoid the horrible experience of dealing with scalp or hair problems, then our mission is accomplished.

We will aid in selecting the best products to fit your specific needs by keeping you up to date on the most current information available to maintain hair that looks and feels like you always wished.

I am going to be as completely honest with you about each topic and even though may not be writing the type of advice you want to hear, I will be extra careful to make certain it is the information you need to understand.

Together we can do anything

If we share our knowledge and experiences between us in an open and honest format, there is almost nothing we can’t accomplish to improve our everyday hair care challenges.

Even though I have many years of experience, I realise it is important to listen to others and learn things by keeping an open mind. I will be your research source, and you can feel free to be mine as well. Sharing is the best way to achieve our goals.

I look forward to touching base with you soon, until then, keep smiling and take a little time for yourself, you have earned it.

 – Nicky Ellis