Is Castor Oil Good For Growing Hair?

Some people don’t like using castor oil because of its viscous and sticky nature. But it is one of the best natural oils for your hair.

It makes your hair stronger, keeps it well moisturised, protects against bacterial and fungal infections and promotes faster hair growth.

If you are looking for hair vitamins, supplements and oils to boost hair growth, definitely add castor oil to your shopping list.

How castor oils boosts hair growth

1. Moisturiser

Castor oil is a natural humectant. That is, it is very good at retaining moisture.

When you apply it on your skin or hair, the oil prevents loss of moisture. So while it might feel thick and heavy at first, it quickly makes your hair feel softer and smoother.

Well moisturised hair is healthier hair. It’s stronger, grows faster and is less likely to break.

The moisturising nature of castor oil is especially beneficial for people with dry or damaged hair. It reduces breakage and hair loss.

2. Scalp protection

One of the reasons why your hair may not be growing as fast or as long as you’d wish is that your scalp is unhealthy.

Bacterial and fungal infections can leave your scalp itchy, dry and sensitive, which can affect the health and growth rate of your hair.

The main component in castor oil – ricinoleic acid – is naturally resistant to many types of bacteria and fungi. So regular application of castor oil to your hair and scalp will ensure your hair follicles stay healthy.

To get the best results, massage the oil on your scalp making sure you cover as much of it as possible.

If you already have an itchy and flaky scalp, applying castor oil can help. It will soothe the itchiness and heal your scalp.

3. Hair protection

Split ends, frizzy hair and weak strands can all prevent your hair from growing long or fast.

If your hair is prone to damage, apply castor oil regularly. It acts as a hair conditioner, strengthening your hair and protecting it from damage.

How to use castor oil for your hair

If you don’t mind its viscous nature, you can just apply castor oil directly to your hair. Just massage it gently into your hair and scalp and leave it there for a couple of hours or overnight.

If you find it too thick for your comfort, the best option is to mix it with another type of oil. Coconut oil is a popular choice for making castor oil thinner and easier to handle.

Mix around two tablespoons of castor oil with one tablespoon of coconut oil and then massage it into your hair.

You can replace coconut oil with jojoba or any other light natural oil you have around. Just make sure not to over-dilute the castor oil as it will lose its benefits for your hair.

I also recommend adding 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil to mask the unpleasant smell of castor oil.

Another way to make castor oil easier to work with is by warming it in a water bath. Put some castor oil in a glass jar and dip the jar in hot water.

When the oil gets warm, it becomes lighter and easier to apply onto your hair.

You can apply castor oil on moist or dry hair. It works great either way though moist hair tends to absorb the oil better.

Leave it for at around 30 minutes to two hours or overnight and then wash it out with warm water. If you experience difficulty washing it all off try washing your hair with a conditioner.

Don’t use it too often though; it is generally recommended to use it once a week.

Castor oil masks

Another great way to use castor oil to boost hair growth is by using castor oil hair masks.

You can start with this simple hair mask recipe consisting of 2 tablespoons of castor oil, 1 table spoon of raw honey and 1 egg yolk.

Mix all the ingredients and then massage them onto your scalp and hair. Let the mask rest under a shower cap for around 1 hour and then gently shampoo your hair.

Note: If you have a sensitive scalp or are prone to breakouts, castor oil is generally safe. It is low- comedogenic meaning that it does not clog the pores. In fact, it does the opposite. A castor oil massage helps clear out dead skin cells and dirt from clogged pores. So don’t be afraid to use it.

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