Five Easy Hair Tutorials For Long Hair: Step By Step With Videos

It is the desire of every woman to have long flowing hair. However, we all agree long hair can sometimes be too much when it comes to taking care of it. Great attention must be paid to it every now and again. This article gives you easy tutorials for taking care of long hair. The tutorials are very educative and can help you how to take care of your long flowing hair. Check also videos in each of the hairstyle tutorials.

1. Creating soft heatless halo curls

Creating loose curls without heat is one of the best things you can do to your hair. Nice flowing curls on your hair every morning, when you wake up, is something every woman would wish to have without using heating.

Follow these steps in heating heatless halo curls method.

Prep your hair:

You must take a shower and ensure your hair is freshly cleaned. Taking a shower at night gets your hair ready for the halo heatless curls. Use a natural shampoo to wash your hair in readiness for halo curls. If you have oily or greasy hair, use shampoo for oily hair. The shampoo chosen will help prevent breakage of your hair especially when it’s wet. You can even try to use coconut oil for hair.

Put your hair where you want it to rest on the head and wait for dry a bit. The hair should be at least 80% dry. Nobody wants to wake up with wet hair in the morning.

Brush the hair:

Once the hair is completely dry, brush it to get all the tangles out. This gets your hair ready for the heatless method.

Heatless method:

In the heatless method, you will need a t-shirt or a long piece of clothing that will be folded to form a roller shape. Once you have your roller, bring it together to form a circular shape where your hair will be tied. Secure it properly and have it go on top of your head. This is what we call the hair halo.

Brush your hair again on one side before creating curls. Create like three sections of your hair to wrap around the hair halo. Keep the hair nice and smooth as you wrap it around the halo. In the end use a pop pin to pin the end of the hair to the halo. Repeat the same process for the rest of the hair. The hair must be smooth and not attached loosely. Your halo is your curling iron in this case. It is a great way to curl hair without using heat.

The whole process will take you around ten minutes. When wrapping hair, start with the hair close to you and work your way back.
You can now sleep, and when you wake up in the morning, it is time to take out the hair halo and see your smooth flowing curls. Take out the pins and pull the hair down one at a time. Your heatless hair curls will look amazing and smell nice from the hair conditioner and shampoo used. You can then apply some oil to add some shine to your hair.

2. Easy loose curls

Natural looking easy loose curls might appear a difficult task to achieve for most people, but that is not the case. This is a simple process to achieve those natural, easy loose curls for the people on the go.


  • Use the NuMe 5-in-1 Lustrum curling wands to help you with your curls. It is a curling iron that comes with five changeable wands for those who want to try different hair curls.
  • You can start with the 13 mm wand which is the largest.
  • The hair doesn’t have to clean, but the ends must be primed to be protected. The hair must also be shiny and dry to prevent any frizziness.
  • Create a high ponytail getting as much hair as you can to your ponytail.
  • Take a small section of the hair from the ponytail and wrap it against your curling iron for a few minutes to create the curls.
  • Do it away from your face and repeat the process until all the hair in the ponytail is curled.
  • Depending on the curls you want to achieve, choose the right size of the wand to use.
  • Go ahead and take out the ponytail one you are through with curling.

3. Easy summer twist updo

This is one of the easiest ways to curl your hair when in a hurry taking you just a few minutes. This is a great way to style your hair during the summer when you want to feel free.

Here are the steps:

  • Before any styling, crimp the base of your hair for extra volume using the one-inch curling iron.
  • Move your hair to one side and split it into two sections.
  • Set the two sections aside for now.
  • Gather your other hair towards the center and give it a little twist before pinning it.
  • Split the lower part of the hair into two sections and start braiding each section into a rope braid.
  • Tie the ends with an elastic band pulling the braids up for extra volume.
  • Take the braids one at a time with your fingers and wrap them around the crown area.
  • Repeat the process to the remaining braids.
  • Go to the front section and create the braids pulling them up for extra volume.
  • Braid the other part and pin the two braids to the back.
  • Fix any loose ends with pop pins.
  • Add some hair spray for a longer lasting look.

4. Five minute romantic bun updo

The five-minute romantic up do bit complicated but gets easier to do once you master it. It is a great romantic updo and one that should leave your hair looking good.


  • Make sure your hair is dry and straight.
  • Brush your hair a little bit to make it easier to style.
  • Take the lower hair on your back and create a ponytail before wrapping it around to form a bun. Pull it up to make it a little thicker before wrapping it.
  • Next, you will make five ponytails with one on the crown and two to the sides of it.
  • Flip the ponytails and then twist them putting them into the middle ponytail.
  • Pull the elastic band to get the ponytail wrapped into the middle one.
  • The five ponytails should be inside the middle ponytail.
  • Gather all the ponytails ensuring the five of them are still inside the middle ponytail and wrap it around the band putting it together using a clip.
  • Loosen the braids

5. Easy headband braids

The easy headbands braids will look great on your head when on the go. This is a combination of many hair braids to create several easy headband braids. Three headband braids will be created with two of them being extremely easy.

Style one:

  • The first hairstyle braid is the French headband which is a normal braid done after adding hair to the size strands.
  • Take hair from the bottom and add it to the bottom strands.
  • Take some hair from the middle and add it to the top strand before taking both over the middle.
  • Hair from the bottom goes into the bottom strand as you add hair from the middle to the top strand.
  • Stop at the eyebrow or go all the way down up to the ear.
  • Pull the braids to the back before switching to a normal braid.
  • Tie the ends with an elastic band.
  • Take the hair from the back and tie everything together using an elastic band.

Style two:

  • Take a thick section of hair and split it apart making a normal braid on the front section.
  • Take small hair sections from the front and loop them through the braid.
  • Clip it aside to prevent it from getting in the way.
  • Grab another hair and put it through the normal braid and then clip it again.
  • Repeat the same process for the front hair.
  • Release the clip after making the last ponytail.
  • Cover the ponytail with top layers of your hair.

Style three:

  • Make a ponytail on the front hair and slip it over.
  • Make another ponytail and slip it as well.
  • Move the second ponytail to the first one.
  • Make more ponytails and scratch them upwards.
  • Pull the edges to make them more uniform.


These five easy hairstyles can help you achieve amazing hairs without straining. You don’t have to visit your salon every week when you can achieve amazing hairstyles from the comfort of your home.

Five easy hair tutorials for long hair

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5 easy hair tutorials for long hair

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