Top 8 Amazing Hair Trends This Year

It is safe to say that this year has been an year like no other in the world of beauty and fashion. The year has seen the most interesting styles either coming up or being reintroduced into the mainstream market with a lot of support.

Hairstyles in particular have evolved in a great way, and we’ve been witnessing some of the most interesting and amazing trends. Below are eight of these (including hairstyles for long hair) and what it is that makes them so amazing.

The 8 Hairstyles:

1. Ombre colouring

ombre colouring

Photo Credit: off7thsalon

There is definitely no style that can compete with Ombre colouring in terms of popularity. This simple yet powerful trend allows the woman to enjoy a simple yet statement-making style. More can be done in all sorts of colours whether natural or otherwise. Either way, the beautiful fade as the colour changes is definitely something worth making a fuss about.

2. Pixie cut

pixie cut

Photo Credit: shorthair_love

It takes guts to trade in long locks for a shorter look and this is a risk that women have readily embraced in 2017. The pixie cut hairstyle has many varieties including those with bangs, side sweeps and even curl layering. Either way, it is an empowering look that will definitely be around for a very long time.

3. Bright coloured weaves and dyes

Bright colored weaves and dyes

Photo Credit: poppylissiman

For the longest time, people considered bright coloured hair something for the wild girls. However, these days everyone is doing it with everything from bright purple highlights to green weaves. The amazing thing is that once you find the right tone to match your skin, you will have a look that you can enjoy on all occasions.

4. Box braids

box braids

Photo Credit: _boxbraids

Braiding is one of those unique hairstyles that are both bold and empowering. Jumbo box braids in particular have made one heck of a comeback in 2017 being one of the most popular hairstyle trends. Whether they are a nice bob shoulder length or drooping all the way to your back, there is no denying their appeal.

5. Bob cuts

bob cuts

Photo Credit: valerieannamarie

Like the pixie cut hairstyle trend, the bob cut has been featured heavily in 2017. Whether it is plain and clean cut or wavy and full of highlighted fun, bob cuts will always look good. Layered bobs with curls in particular are among the most popular and it is honestly not very difficult to see why.

6. Long layer extensions

As much as many women have turned to the scissors for beauty this year, there are still those who advocate for the long luscious locks. It is for this reason that the long layered extension look has become so popular. It adds to the length and bulk of hair making the most out of the beauty that comes with voluminous hair.

7. Buns

high buns

Photo Credit: lilianikiforov

High bun, side bun, messy burn; you name it. 2017 has witnessed the rise of the bun with some of the most innovative ideas on how to jazz things up. One thing is for sure; whether it is paired with side swept buns or with unique hair accessories, you can never go wrong with a bun.

8. Curls


Photo Credit: hairapy101

Curly hair is usually associated with volume and this year has seen a marked increase in interest in curly hair (read our reviews of BaByliss Curl SecretBaByliss Pro Perfect Curl and other hair curlers). The curls can be large and spaced out or small and closely packed for volume. Either way, it is a great style and works wonders on almost everyone.

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