What Are The Best Hairdressing Scissors On The UK Market?

You’ll know you have the right pair of hairdressing scissors when they feel perfect in your hand; when you can use them without experiencing any strain or fatigue on your fingers and arm.

But since you probably won’t have the opportunity to test different scissors before you buy them, we’ve written this buying guide to help you select the best pair for your needs.

Because there so many different types of hairdressing scissors, it’s important that you know exactly what to look for in the right pair. This will depend mostly on the type of cutting you do often (vertical cuts require a different type of scissors from a deep point cut).

Here are the four most important factors to consider when comparing different options online.

Handle Design

Handle design is important for your comfort. If you are unable to hold the scissors properly and you get tired quickly, you won’t cut as well.

There are two common handle designs: classic and offset.

  • Classic: These are the basic straight scissors. Both handles are asymmetrical. They are best for deep point cutting. For most types of cuts however, the straight design is uncomfortable to use.
  • Offset: The best design for most types of cuts. Because one handle is longer than the other, you can position your elbow lower, thus reducing fatigue and increasing precision.
  • There is a third type of design called crane. The handle is similar to offset scissors but with a straight top blade.

Blade Length

The ideal blade length will depend on what kind of cuts you make often. Professional hairdressers will typically have three or more different blade lengths for different types of cuts.

Blade lengths vary between 5” and 8”.

Shorter lengths are ideal for precisions cuts in small sections. For other cuts like texturizing, longer blades are better.

Blade Type

There are two types of blades: serrated and convex.

Serrated blades have serrations on one of the blades. The serrations grip the hair, providing a straighter and more precise cut, which is great especially for beginner hairdressers.

But experienced pros will often prefer convex hairdressing scissors that have a very sharp and smooth edge. In the right hands, they make for fast and precise cuts.

Blade Material

Most hairdressing scissors are made from stainless steel though the premium ones have materials added to make the steel blades sharper, smoother and lighter.

Japanese steel scissors will often have additives like molybdenum and cobalt. If your budget allows it, these are the best.

Best Hairdressing Scissors: Our Top 5 Picks

1. Sanguine Professional Hairdressing Scissors 5.5 inch + Case

These are classic straight scissors made from high quality Japanese steel.

The short 5.5” length makes them perfect for precision cuts and when cutting small sections at a time. You can even use them to tame your rough beard.

Thanks to the Japanese steel, handcrafted blades are super sharp. This provides a smooth and precise cut with no split ends.

The blades also retain their sharpness for longer compared to the steel used in cheap scissors.    

If you need to tune them, there is a round tension screw system that is easy to operate.

You do have to be careful with the ultra-sharp blades especially if you are using the scissors on a child’s hair. Make sure they stay still.

For safe storage, the scissors come with a padded case. The case is also handy if you prefer travelling with the scissors.

What we like about them:

  • Extra sharp Japanese steel – slices through hair smoothly without leaving split ends.
  • They come with a storage/travel case.
  • Perfect for precisions haircuts and beard trimming.
  • They include a removable finger rest for added comfort when cutting.

2. BS-3103 Suvorna Ador 5.5″ Professional Barber Hairdressing Scissors

This is another great, though pricey, choice if you are looking for short and straight scissors for hairdressing.

They are 5.5” long and feature the classic straight design that is great for close cuts. It’s also perfect for trimming beards or short sections of your hair.

What makes the scissors more expensive is the Japanese steel used.

It’s a single piece of steel that has been heat-treated to produce durable blades that retain their sharpness for years.

That they come with a lifetime warranty gives us some reassurance that these will still be good after years of use.

Just make sure you only cut hair with them and maintain them as directed.

When they are not in use, store them in the included pouch. This will not only increase their longevity, it also prevents the sharp blades from causing an accident.

What we like about them:

  • Ultra-sharp Japanese steel blades.
  • Long lasting sharpness.
  • Great for precision cuts and trimming.

3. Jaguar Hair Cutting Scissor Pre Style Relax P, Size 5.5 Inch

These are great if you are looking for professional offset-style scissors. They are a bit pricey compared to the basic straight designs we have reviewed above but they are still great value for money.

The offset handle provides an ergonomic holding style, making this pair the best for most types of cuts.

I also recommend these if you cut hair a lot whether it’s your kids or your clients. The handle is less tiresome for your fingers and arm.

What we like about them:

  • Ergonomic offset handle.
  • Lightweight and well balanced.
  • High quality stainless steel blades that provide a smooth and sharp cut.

4. Wilkinson Sword Professional Hairdresser Scissors

If you want a budget pair of hairdresser scissors, we recommend this one.

The blades are not as razor sharp as those of Suvorna or Sanguine but they are sharp enough for basic haircuts at home or even at a salon.

The classic straight design gives you precise control when cutting small sections or trimming your beard.

The adjustable blades are made from hard steel and coated with nickel for added durability and corrosion protection.

Because of the nickel plating, avoid this pair if you are allergic to nickel or you suspect you might be.

What we like about them:

  • Affordable.
  • Sharp and durable blades.
  • Beautiful high-gloss finish.

5. Sanguine Titanium Hair Scissors

Not sure what Sanguine meant by ‘Titanium hair scissors’ because these are made from Japanese steel.

The steel is good quality and very sharp but lacks the lightness of titanium. If they contain titanium, it’s probably just a coating to provide better corrosion resistance.

In any case, these are great hair scissors especially for the price. You are not going to get a sharper pair for less.

You are also not going to get a more beautiful pair of scissors. These come in a unique rainbow finish that looks great.

Like other Sanguine scissors, they come with a removable finger rest as well as a protective storage case.

What we like about them:

  • Ergonomic offset handle design.
  • Beautiful finish.
  • Extra sharp and durable blades.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to hold hairdressing scissors?

Hairdressing scissors are ergonomically moulded, to reduce strain on the hands and fingers of people who have to make the same movements with them, over and over.

The traditional, or Western way of holding hairdressing scissors is to insert your thumb through the largest hole, your ring finger through the smaller one, with your index and middle fingers resting in front of this hole and the pinky resting on the little spur behind the hole. The scissors should be opened and closed using only the thumb.

The Eastern, or European way of holding hairdressing scissors is an inverted way of the Western way, with the thumb through the larger hole as before, but the index finger in the smaller one and the middle and ring resting behind it. The pinky doesn’t touch the scissors at all. This method also opens and closes using just the thumb, and it can reduce wrist strain as the blades are facing in the right direction for many of the hair cutting techniques.

Q: How to sharpen hairdressing scissors?

You can send your shears away to have them professionally sharpened, but it saves time and money to do them yourself at home.

  • Open the scissors and hold them in your non-dominant hand.
  • Using a sharpening stone, strike it down the blade from the pivot (the place where the blades cross) to the point, ten times.
  • Turn the scissors around the sharpen the second blade.
  • Open and close the scissors a few times to remove any burrs, the use a damp cloth to wipe over the blades.
  • Dry them with a piece of paper towel so that there is no moisture left on them.

Q: How do you clean hairdressing scissors?

It’s always a good idea to clean your scissors straight after you use them, to make sure there is no hair residue or product build up.

You can use an old toothbrush or toothpick to scrub the blades, and especially any little areas by the screw which might attract stay hairs.

You can soak your scissors in hot water and dishwashing liquid to give them a thorough clean, but make sure you completely dry them out after this, to avoid any potential rust.

Place a small drop of oil into the screw after a clean like this, to keep it lubricated and ensure a smooth cut.

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