BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl Review: Should You Buy It Or Not?

BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl Review
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BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl does an excellent job in creating fine, shiny and long lasting curls without doing much. The curl kit is quite versatile and a good value for money.

BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl review

If there is one thing women love most is having control over their hair. Are you the type of woman who must visit the salon every week? I know you probably don’t mind spending that extra pound in the salon as long as you achieve those stunning looks.

Well, what if you would achieve all that in the comfort of your home? The BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl will come in handy helping you achieve salon standards in the comfort of your home. It is a nice curl suitable for both short and long hairs.

The curl machine comes with a new patented technology that enables it to deliver excellent results in a short duration. It is gentle, fast and easy to use making it the ideal hair waver for creating long lasting curls. The three different settings allow you to experiment with a variety of looks ranging from loose curls to tight curls.

What are you buying?

babyliss pro perfect curl

BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl

1. A revolutionary ceramic curl chamber

The ceramic curl chamber plays a vital role in the creation of smooth and shiny curls in a short duration. The chamber automatically draws air and holds it heating it from all directions. The hair is held in a gentle and soft way where it does not put the air under any tension. The chamber only takes seconds to create perfect curls that you will love seeing.

2. Audio beep indicator

You don’t have to guess the right time to release the hair. There is an audio beep indicator that reminds you the exact time to release the hair. The indicator is a perfect feature that ensures you only release the hair when sure it is well curled. It is designed to produce a sound which is much better than those that just blink.

3. Three temperature settings and three-time settings

The Pro Curl is a versatile tool that can allow you to create different curls by simply changing the heat and time settings. Three temperature settings make the curl quite versatile. Simply change the temperature setting when you want to achieve different curls. Curls with different temperature settings are the best as they can work on both fine and thick hair by simply changing the temperature and time setting. This is a key factor to consider when buying any heated curling machine.

4. Salon length swivels cord

The Babyliss curl comes with a long swivel cord of 2.5m which is a salon length for convenience and flexibility. The cord gives you the freedom to move around as you do your hair without getting stuck next to the power socket.

How easy is it to use?

babyliss pro perfect curl reviewIt is always good to know if the curl is user-friendly or not. This is important especially for home use where there is no professional hairstylist. The Pro curl is one of the easiest curls to use at home without experiencing any difficulties.

It is gentle and easy to use with hair been automatically drawn into the chamber where it is held and curled. Heat flows from all the directions, and all you have to do is wait for the beep indicator to release the hair.

It is a little bit heavier weighing 1.3kg, but this will not affect how you use it. The curl heats fast and gets hair curled in minutes. You don’t even get to notice the weight as you don’t spend much time with the curl. The swivel cord is another added advantage that gives you the freedom of 2.5m distance as you curl your hair.

What accessories are included?

The box comes the one BaByliss Pro Curl with everything fixed and ready for use. The swivel cord should come with a UK cord but make sure you always check this to avoid difficulties when connecting to the power source.


  • Allows creation of more defined curls with the three temperature settings.
  • Gentle, quick and easy to use making it ideal for all people.
  • Holds the hair softly without putting it under any tension thus preventing damage.
  • Creates shiny and long lasting curls.


  • Users can experience difficulties sectioning their hair when using it for the first time
  • Not suitable for thick hair.

Final verdict

I would obviously recommend the BaByliss Pro anytime as it does an excellent job in creating fine, shiny and long lasting curls without doing much. It is very simple to use and curls the hair automatically which is great especially if you are used to the conventional hair curling tools.

The curl kit is good value for money. It is quite versatile and allows users to achieve different hair curls by simply changing the temperature settings.

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