Five Hairstyles To Achieve Easy Wavy Hair Overnight

Are you always rushing in the morning and never getting enough time to make your hair look nice? We probably share a common problem here. I am one person who has tried so many overnight heat-less hairstyles so that I can wake up in the morning with wavy hair and would love to share with you.

The following methods are some of my favourite ones that just turn out great. Getting wavy hair does not always have to involve heated tools, such as heated rollers, professional curl machines, and curling irons. The following steps will help you save time in the morning as you wake up to a nice wavy hair that will be the admiration of everybody.

How to achieve that wavy hair overnight

1st hairstyle: Two French Braids

The first hairstyle to achieving wavy hair overnight is a pretty simple one that requires you to split your hair down the middle into two parts as shown in the video above. Once the hair is split, you can go ahead and do two French braids on the two parts of the separated hair.

Add the hair over each other and create a long bread all the way down. Once done, go ahead and tie it with plastic to keep it together. If the hair is braided tightly, loosen it a bit to give your hair some space to breathe.

Repeat the same procedure for the other side and you are good to sleep. Take it off in the morning and you will be amazed at how wavy your hair will appear.

This method is a great one and doesn’t need any curling tools or hot air styling brushes that may damage your hair. Spread your hair nicely with the fingers to hold the waves in place.

2nd hairstyle: Single French braid

In the single French braid, you will a single braid starting further up than what most traditional braids look like. Split your hair into three and fold it one over the other creating a single long braid. Once done, tie it with plastic and try to loosen the hair as in the first part.

You can then go ahead and sleep expecting a nice wavy hair in the morning. The technique is not the best especially if the front hairs are not tied properly. These may fall off and be straight, but if you can keep hold of them, then you can expect a long wavy hair all the way down.

This method is much better for people with long hair that easily gets braided. Here I mean both the front and back hair is nicely held together overnight without falling off. For me, I choose to go with the two French braids as they get all my hair wavy.

3rd hairstyle: French twist

This procedure is where you have to juggle between the two French braids and a single French braid. Split your hair into two and start creating braids on the right side before moving to the left side. Twist your hair on one side into two and start braiding until you are left with no more hair to add.

Twist both braids one way before twisting them together the other way. Twisting them in opposite direction prevents them from loosening.

Hold them together with an elastic band before repeating the same procedure for the other part. The technique is so easy and gets your look so cool and is so easy to do. The hair has more of individual twists that are all lost as a whole. It is a great option to get all your hair wavy.

4th hairstyle: Complete twist

The fourth hairstyle is one of the easiest to do. It requires you to split your hair into two and twist it all the way down completely tightly. It is good to ensure your hair is completely dry to avoid it getting tangled up in the morning.

Once through with the twisting, put it across over your head before clipping it. Use more than one clip to ensure it properly stays on and doesn’t drop out during the night.

Repeat the same procedure on the other side and put it across over your head holding it together with clips. In the morning, take out all the clips and look at the amazing curls. It is one of the easiest methods that deliver stunning curls that will make people think you took a lot of time on it.

5th hairstyle: Buns

The fifth style is where you create several buns on your head by twisting hair together. Separate the hair into something like eight parts and twist each separately holding it with a clip when done. Do this for all the separate hair and once through you good to sleep.

In the morning, take them all out and you will achieve very curly hair. This method will deliver very curly hair than others and one of the best to try if you want a very wavy hair on your head. You can always toss your hair and try to loosen the curls.

Final verdict

All the method above will be ideal in achieving wavy overnight without using any heating curls or using any hair tools. Curling your hair overnight is one of the best ways to save time in the morning if you are the type of woman who is always on the go. Go ahead and try them out and you will see how amazing your hair looks.

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