The Best Heated Rollers: Reviews + Buying Guide

During those busy mornings trying to beat the minute hand, have you ever wished you could multitask? Maybe put on your makeup and drink coffee at the same time or style your hair while putting on your shoes. You probably wish it every day. Right?

I have a suggestion that I think can help a bit when getting ready for the day. I’m talking about heated hair rollers.

Most ladies use hot irons, usually a straightener or curler, to style their hair. While these tools are great and effective, they require your undivided attention and effort. So you just have to sit or stand there until all your tresses are neat and proper.

Hot rollers are different. Once you set them in your hair, your hands are free to do other things. You can finish your breakfast, put on makeup or text your boss that you’ll be running late.

If you are thinking about buying hot rollers, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve researched the best heated rollers in the market, considering factors like size, heat settings and ease of use. Here are our four top picks including a comparison table to give you a snapshot of what you get with each.

The best heated rollers for beautiful hair

  • Pro Heated Ceramic Roller Set
  • by BaByliss
  • Two temperature settings for use on different hair types.
    Plenty of easy-use features.
    Styling versatility thanks to the different roller sizes.
    Pins are provided.
    Great value for money.
  • Our Rating:

  • The O Pod Be The Volume Star
  • by Cloud Nine
  • The pod uses significantly less power than conventional rollers.
    Super-fast heating – just 4 seconds.
    Easy to use.
    Style versatility.
    Includes clips, a luxury storage/travelling bag and an Amplify Spray to provide a glossy finish.
  • Our Rating:

  • H9100 Proluxe Rollers
  • by Remington
  • OptiHeat technology that heats both roller and clip for faster styling.
    Style versatility.
    Long lasting curls.
    Grip technology and cool ends for frustration-free handling.
  • Our Rating:

  • Thermo-Ceramic Rollers
  • by BaByliss
  • 15 hair clips and 20 hair pins included.
    Three roller sizes.
    Easy to use.
    Two temperature settings.
  • Our Rating:

Heated rollers vs other hair curling tools

In addition to allowing you to multitask, hot rollers have another big advantage. They give your hair more volume than other hair stylers. They puff up your hair, making even normally sparse tresses look fuller.

Yet another advantage is that they are safer for your hair compared to curlers and straightening irons. They don’t get as hot as irons, meaning less heat damage for your hair. This is a big plus for those with fine or damaged hair.

Hot rollers are also easier and more comfortable to use for most people. You don’t have to worry about burning your fingers or from which direction of hair you should style. You just need to wrap sections of your hair around each roller and leave them to do their magic.

The one downside that many women point out is that it takes longer to style with hot rollers than with a waver or curling wand. It’s true that hot rollers need more time to set your hair but when you consider that you can use that time to do something else, there is really no time lost.

Reviews of the best heated rollers

1. BaByliss Pro Heated Ceramic Roller Set

This is our favourite pick of all four and therefore the best heated rollers on the UK market. What we love most is the level of versatility you get with these rollers.

There a whopping 30 of them – most packs have between 2 and a dozen hot rollers. They come in different sizes to fit all your styling needs. There are 6 small ones, 8 medium sizes, 8 large ones and 8 jumbo sizes.

So whether you are after tight ringlets or rolling beach waves, this BaByliss Pro pack has got you covered.

With the variety, you can also choose the best size for your hair length; the larger ones for long and thick hair and the smaller ones for short hair.

The rollers are easy to use. They are designed for an easy grip, making it easy to set them in your hair. They also have cool rims where you can comfortably hold them.

Included with the pack are 15 extra-strong clips for holding section of your hair in place.

The storage bag has a special arm that you can position to hold the bag in a convenient vertical slant. This makes it easy to pick and return rollers. Read our full review to learn more.

What we like about it:

  • Two temperature settings for use on different hair types.
  • Plenty of easy-use features.
  • Styling versatility thanks to the different roller sizes.
  • Pins are provided.
  • Great value for money.

2. Cloud Nine The O Pod Be The Volume Star Ultimate Gift Set

The Cloud Nine O Pod is one of the highest rated heated roller packs in the market and for good reason. This pack is packed with technology and features all aimed at making hair styling easy and fast. Most importantly, the rollers produce beautiful long lasting curls.

There are 12 rollers of three different sizes; four 30mm rollers, four 40mm rollers and four 50mm rollers. So whether you feel like creating even curls or mixing different sizes, it’s up to you.

The rollers are really light and easy to handle. Each comes with a lightweight clip that keeps your hair in place without weighing your head down.

The most interesting part is how the rollers are heated. Included along with the pack is the O Pod. This is a small heating device that heats one roller at a time. It uses induction heating to rapidly heat each roller in just four seconds.

So even if it only heats a single roller, it’s just as fast as other rollers. By the time you finish setting one roller, the next one is ready.

The rollers feel comfortably warm – not hot – in your hands. This is because they are heated from the inside out. Read our full review to learn more.

What we like about it:

  • The pod uses significantly less power than conventional rollers.
  • Super-fast heating – just 4 seconds.
  • Easy to use.
  • Style versatility.
  • Includes clips, a luxury storage/travelling bag and an Amplify Spray to provide a glossy finish.

3. Remington H9100 Proluxe Heated Rollers

This pack contains 20 velvet rollers, each with its own clip. For styling versatility, there are 8 medium size rollers (measuring 25mm) and 12 large ones (32mm). You can use a specific size depending on the occasion or use all at the same time for a unique style.

But the most unique feature of this pack is that the clips are heated too. So the clips are not just for holding your hair in place, they also help set your hair faster and make sure the curls are well accentuated and last longer.

With the combined action of the clips and rollers, your curls will be ready in a quick 5 minutes and 7-10 minutes for thick hair types.

Inside the carrying case, the rollers heat in just 90 seconds. They have cool rims and a grip-friendly design to make sure you don’t keep fussing with them.

The compact carrying case also comes in handy if you need to travel with the rollers. It easily fits most travel bags and holds the rollers neatly until you need them. Read our full review to learn more.

What we like about it:

  • OptiHeat technology that heats both roller and clip for faster styling.
  • Style versatility.
  • Long lasting curls.
  • Grip technology and cool ends for frustration-free handling.

4. BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic Rollers

This is a smaller version of the 30-piece BaByliss Pro pack we picked as our favourite. It contains 20 ceramic rollers with the same grip technology and cool rims as the Pro rollers.

The rollers come in three sizes; 8 large ones, 6 medium ones and 6 small sizes. It’s up to you whether you want a neat style with even curls or mix it up with different sizes.

  • Tip: if you decide to use different sized rollers at the same time, use the larger ones at the top sections of your hair. This applies to the other three hot rollers too.

The ceramic rollers spread heat evenly, ensuring there are no uneven curls or damaging hot spots. With the cool ends it’s easy to wind your hair around the rollers.

When heating the rollers, wait for the red-to-white indicator light on one of the rollers to know when the rollers are ready. You can also choose between two temperature settings depending on your hair type. Read our full review to learn more.

What we like about it:

  • 15 hair clips and 20 hair pins included.
  • Three roller sizes.
  • Easy to use.
  • Two temperature settings.

How to choose the perfect heated roller for various hair types

The most important thing to consider when buying heated rollers is your hair. It’s important that you buy rollers that are ideal and safe for your hair type.

If you have long and thick hair, make sure the pack you buy has large rollers that you can easily use on your hair. Small rollers will be tedious to use, take forever to set and produce not so good looking curls.

If on the other hand you have short hair, look for a pack with short rollers. Large rollers will not hold your hair as tightly and will produce awkwardly large curls.

But it can be hard to know which exact size will work best for your hair. So instead of looking for a pack with only one size of rollers, go for one with mixed sizes.

All the rollers in our recommendations come in at least three sizes. Our top choice, the BaByliss Pro roller pack, has four sizes including a jumbo one for extra-long hair.

One advantage of buying a mixed set is that it will still be useful as your hair grows. No need to replace it with another that’s better for longer hair.

It’s also a good idea to check whether the rollers have temperature control. If you have thin or damaged hair, you’ll want rollers that you can heat to a lower temperature that minimizes heat damage.

Key considerations when buying the best heated rollers

1. Size

Roller sizes are often measured in millimetres. They can be as small as 12mm and as big as 50mm. This measurement refers to the diameter of the rollers. So the higher it is the wider the rollers.

If you have short hair, small (12-30mm) and medium-size (30-40mm) rollers will serve all your styling needs. You can use the small ones for tighter curls and the medium ones when you want some volume or larger waves.

If you have long hair, medium and large (40mm and higher) rollers are enough. The medium ones create nice neat curls while the larger ones are perfect for beach waves and creating volume.

2. Weight

I am referring to the weight of the rollers, not the entire pack including the heating bag. The lighter the rollers the easier they will be to use.

Heavy rollers can be more tedious to handle and weigh your head down uncomfortably. They can also cause damage on thin or damaged hair as they pull down on your hair strands. Lightweight rollers are also easier to travel with.

3. Temperature

Generally, rollers do not get as hot as styling irons. While this results in less heat damage, it requires more styling time. Most rollers must be set for at least 10 minutes to create proper curls.

If you are worried about heat damage buy a set that comes with temperature settings, instead of just one constant temperature. Two of our picks above have two heat levels.

Generally however, temperature control is not that important in heated rollers. I only recommend it if you have delicate hair that needs more care. In such a situation, a lower heat setting can help.

4. Heating technology

There are three types of heating technology you might come across depending on the type of hot rollers you buy.

  • Ceramic rollers

This is the most common heating technology used by hot rollers. Ceramic is really good at spreading heat evenly, which prevents uneven styling and hot spots that could damage your hair. Ceramic hot rollers are especially ideal if you have delicate hair.

  • Wax rollers

These rollers contain wax in their core. The wax retains heat for longer compared to materials like ceramic. Hence the rollers cool more slowly. Because curls form based on the amount and length of heat exposure (to a certain extent), wax rollers create more pronounced curls.

Wax rollers are ideal for those with coarse or thick hair that is resistant to curls. But you may have a hard time finding wax rollers as they are not very common. If you cannot find good wax rollers, I recommend you buy ceramic rollers with several temperature settings. Use the highest setting to get better and faster curling.

  • Sponge / steam rollers

These rollers are heated by steam. They come with a unit in which you are supposed to add water which is then heated to a steam.

Steam rollers are more work to use compared to traditional ceramic hot rollers. You have to wait a couple of minutes for the rollers to heat up and you also have to leave the rollers in your hair for longer.

The upside is that they produce fuller and longer lasting curls. They are also easier on your hair especially if you have delicate or damaged hair.

5. Type of roller finish

Check the surface of the rollers to see what finish they have. They can be ribbed or flocked.

Ribbed finishes are the most common and easiest to use. They are easy to wrap your hair around and produce more defined curls.

Flocked rollers have a velvety finish. They grip your hair more tightly, making it easier to keep your wrapped hair in place until it has set. Flocked rollers are good for creating large wavy curls while ribbed rollers are better for smaller curls and ringlets.

An alternative to Hot Rollers: Curl Pods

Strictly speaking, curl pods are still hot rollers. They work using a similar principle and you use each the same way you would use the other. But curl pods have a few advantages over traditional hot rollers that might tempt you to try them out.

Unlike traditional rollers that consists of a simple barrel, curl pods look like…well, pods. When closed, (yes, they can open and close) they look like small domed pods. You just pull the flat end of the pod to extend the barrel out of the pod.

When extended, the barrel is sandwiched between a flat disk on one end and a dome on the other. So it’s really easy to quickly wrap your hair around it. It won’t slip off the ends.

Curl pods come with a heater unit just like other hot rollers. You plug the pods into their holders and give them a couple of minutes to heat up.

The barrel is usually quite short so you can only wrap a small section of hair at a time. If you decide to buy curl pods, look for a package that comes with at least 12 of them, enough to go around your head.

You can wrap your hair starting from the middle for stylish curled ends or from the root for a bigger lift. Most curl pods come in different barrel sizes so you can also vary the tightness of your curls from waves to ringlets.

Once you have wrapped your hair around a pod, you just press on the ends to close the pod on that section. This holds the hair in place without having to use clips.

I recommend curl pods for those with fine hair. It will be easy to wrap your hair around the pod and snap it shut. If you have thick hair, normal hot rollers are easier to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are heated rollers better than hot irons?

Not particularly. Each tool has its pros and cons. Heated rollers are safer for hair and allow you to multitask. Styling irons are faster and have better temperature control features.

Q: Will heated rollers damage my hair?

All heat-based hair styling tools cause some degree of heat damage to hair. At reasonable temperatures, the damage is minimal and reversible. Rollers still cause some heat damage but it’s very little and much less than hot irons. They are actually better for delicate hair.

Q: What styles can I create using hot rollers?

Heated rollers are used to create curls and waves. The size and types of curls you create will depend on the size of the rollers and your styling technique. For instance, leaving the rollers in your hair for longer creates tighter curls. Larger rollers create gentler curls, more like waves.

What I recommend is getting a pack with mixed roller sizes. This way, you enjoy wider style versatility. You can even mix different sizes to create a unique style.

Q: How to use heated rollers?

First you need to decide what size you want your rollers. Smaller ones will create smaller, tighter curls which will stay in place longer, while larger ones will make bigger, bouncier curls.

Unlike many other hair curling devices, you should start curling your hair with rollers from top to bottom.

Turn on your rollers and wait for them to reach their full heat before you start to roll the hair – the heat is how the rollers make the hair curly, so allowing the right amount of time for them to completely heat up and then completely cool down is essential.

Q: How to curl hair with heated rollers?

  1. Wash and thoroughly dry your hair before you start.
  2. Separate your hair into sections to make the curling easier. If you have more hair sections then you have curlers then you might consider curling one side of your head at a time.
  3. Start with the top section of your hair, nearest your forehead, using larger rollers, and continue around the top of your head, working your way down.
  4. Hair sections should be no wider than the width of the roller, and about an inch thick.
  5. Place the roller at the ends of your hair and roll it up towards your scalp, then clip it in place.
  6. Ensure that the rollers at the sides are placed horizontally, to give even curls around your face.
  7. Wait until your heated rollers have cooled down – this usually takes around half an hour – then carefully unroll them and tease the hair a little to create a soft, beachy look.

You can finish the look with some hairspray to hold it in place. If you already have volume at the roots then start the rollers slightly lower down the hair shafts; if you have fine hair that needs a little lift then start higher up..

Q: How to use heated rollers for volume?

To increase volume in your hair, curls are a great answer. Using heated rollers for added volume couldn’t be easier – just start rolling the sectioned hair from the bottom of the shaft and work all the way up to the top so it is tight against the scalp.

You can also add some volumising spray to your locks before you start the curling process, which should give your hair some extra body.

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