Which Are The Best Travel Heated Rollers In The UK?

Heated rollers are an easy way to achieve that glam runway look without having to wrestle with a curling iron. Depending on the size of the rollers, you can create anything from boyish ringlets to graceful waves.

Heated rollers are especially handy for when you are travelling. Instead of spending an hour in your hotel room trying to use a curling iron, heated rollers just need 15 minutes to transform your hair. And they are much easier to use.

But you have to be careful about the type of rollers you buy. You need rollers that are easy to use, work fast and offer some versatility. It’s also important that they be travel friendly. That means a nice travel bag and universal voltage.

Top Rated Travel Heated Rollers In The UK

So we went out and looked for heated rollers that meet these conditions. We compared different models and brands based on various factors including usability, effectiveness and styling options. If you are thinking about buying heated rollers either for travel or using at home, we have picked the best options for you.

1. Nicky Clarke NHS005 Compact Heated Rollers


A stylish travel bag allows you to take this pack of a dozen rollers with you on the road. No matter where you are headed, the multi voltage kit will work without any issue.

The thermoplastic rollers come with clips so that you can easily keep hair in place once you wrap it around each roller. The bag heats six of the rollers at a time.

Wait until the indicator light turns from red to white before using them. They leave behind long-lasting curls while also eliminating frizz.

What we like about it:

  • Easy to use for different hair types.
  • Stylish travel bag.
  • Can be used in different countries.

2. Carmen C81009 Travel Flexi Styler

The Carmen Velcro-closure travel case packs 12 flexible heated rollers with which you can create different types of curls from bouncy waves to tight curls. The kit is multi voltage so you will be able to use it in almost any location.

To use it, just plug it in and wait for the rollers to heat. When they are ready, secure sections of your hair around each roller. Leave the rollers in for the amount of time specified by the manufacturer.

The resulting curls will last for quite a while.

What we like about it:

  • Multi voltage.
  • Easy to use.
  • Provides versatile styling options.
  • Ultra compact travel case that you can easily fit into a suitcase or travel bag.

3. TRESemme 3039U Volume Rollers

If you love large wavy curls, this pack of 10 heated rollers is perfect for you. They are thicker than usual, giving your hair more volume and producing gentle wavy curls. For easy use, it includes 10 pins.

A simple travel case easily fits all 10 rollers. It’s small enough that you can easily stuff it in your suitcase. It can also heat all 10 rollers simultaneously, so no need to wait around for half the rollers to be ready before heating the rest.

What we like about it:

  • Easy and quick to use.
  • Great for thick and long hair.
  • Pins are included.

4. Nicky Clarke Desired Heated Rollers

If you are after something a bit more luxurious, try this one. The main heating unit can only heat one roller at a time but that shouldn’t worry you. Each roller takes just 30 seconds to be ready. By the time you finish wrapping your hair in one roller, the next one will be ready.

Even better, there are several different roller sizes to cater for different hair types. These include two 25mm rollers, two 32mm rollers and two 38mm rollers. There are also six pins included.

Unlike the usual rough rollers you may be used to, these are soft and velvety. This ensures they don’t snag on your hair.

What we like about it:

  • Luxurious style and design.
  • Versatile.
  • Pins are included.

5. The Aurora Band Night Roller

This roller actually does not use heat. It’s a band around which you wrap your hair before going to sleep. In the morning when you unwrap your hair, it should be smooth and wavy. This extremely popular band roller (featured also on Dragon Den) doesn’t work for everyone and is especially problematic for those with long and thick hair.

But it works well for other hair types. It’s great for travelling since you don’t need to plug it in or carry extra batteries.

Make sure you follow the manufacturer instructions for best results.

What we like about it:

  • Easy to use.
  • Minimal damage to hair since no heat is involved.

Key considerations when buying travel heated travel rollers

Most heated rollers are simple devices without many fancy features. But there are still a few differences between various brands that you should consider. One of them is size.

If you have thick hair, you’ll need extra thick rollers that can hold up your hair properly and form nice curls. Thicker rollers are also good because you just need a few to curl your hair. With thin rollers, you’d spend forever wrapping your hair in a dozen of them.

Also check whether the rollers come with heat settings. Most rollers have just one temperature level that cannot be changed. More expensive ones may have low, medium and high heat settings.
If you have thin or fragile hair, consider buying rollers with changeable heat settings.

Finally, consider how travel-friendly the rollers are. Make sure they come with a travel case that you can just pick up when hitting the road. Even more importantly, make sure the rollers are multi voltage. This guarantees that you can still use them even when you travel to a different country.

It’s also a good idea to check for any extra features. For instance, some rollers use ionic technology to eliminate frizz in your hair. Your tresses come out soft and silky. Others such as the Nicky Clarke Desired Heated Rollers, are made from a soft and smooth material to prevent tangling and provide smoother curls.

But as long as the rollers are effective, they are the correct size for your hair and are travel friendly, the bonus features are not a must.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to use travel heated rollers?

Depending on the size of the roller, you will be able to create different types of curl in your hair. Travel heated rollers however, are usually a bit smaller, as they are designed to fit in your bag as you jet about the place, so you may find that smaller, tighter curls are your main option.

You can get around this by not winding the hair as tightly, or by not leaving the curlers in for as long. That being said, most travel heated rollers come with a selection of rollers so that you can play around with different styles.

  1. The first step is to plug your rollers in and leave them to fully heat up.
  2. Next, take a section of your hair – you should always start with the top and front of your hair and work your way down – the longest part of your hair is the last bit you want to be curling.
  3. Start at the end of the section of hair and roll the roller up to the top of your scalp, then clip it in place.
  4. Repeat for all the other sections of hair around your head
  5. Leave the rollers to cool down – usually around 30 minutes – before you start un clipping them.
  6. Run your fingers through your hair to tease out the tightness of the curls and create a beachy, wavy look.

As a tip, make sure that you position all the curlers as horizontally as you can, to create a uniform look to your curls.

Also, if you have layered hair then it is a good idea to run some smoothing serum through it, to keep the layers together and allow the curls to take. If you want tighter, more vintage looking curls then don’t comb your hair too much with your fingers afterwards – just a quick flick through to make a more natural look.

Q: What styles can you achieve with travel heated rollers?

Travel heated rollers are very versatile, and you can achieve the same looks with them as you can with the stay-at-home version.

They usually come with a selection of different sized curlers, meaning that you can experiment with tighter or looser waves, but you won’t have the same variety as you would with a non travel version, as it has to be small enough to pack into a bag.

If you want a natural, beachy, wavey look, then go for looser curls with the larger curlers, and tease the waves out well with your fingers afterwards.

If you like to have tighter, more vintage looking curls then go for the smaller rollers, and don’t comb out the curls beyond loosening them to make them look natural.

You can also experiment with your travel heated rollers; removing them before they have completely finished cooling down will make for a looser, more natural look (although doing this may well mean that the curls don’t stay in as well and your wave is gone by the end of the night!)

You can buy different kinds of heated rollers that do different things; for example some will offer you a better selection of rollers for long, thick hair, while others are more suitable for those with short or fine hair. Whatever your curling requirements, you are sure to find the perfect travel heated rollers for you!

Q: Where to buy travel heated rollers?

You can either ask your stylist what would be the best option for your travel heated rollers, ask your friends for recommendations, or search around online for the best version for you.

If you know exactly what you are looking for then this is the best option, as you should be able to just input the make and model you are looking for into a search engine then watch all the available options pop up. If you are less sure then you will need to do a bit of shopping around before you make your decision.

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