The Best Travel Hair Dryer: Reviews And Buying Guide

There is nothing more embarrassing than having a bad hair day away from home and without anything to put it back to form. One of the most important things to never lack in your travel bag is a hair dryer; and not just a cheap one from the airport but something that will actually serve you well for a long time.

Whether your travelling involves numerous business trips, weekends out of town or an occasional road trip with friends, a good quality travel hair dryer is a must. Instead of panicking when you find out your hotel does not provide a hair dryer, carry your own. It will keep your hair looking great wherever you are.

Note that not just any hair dryer qualifies as a travel hair dryer. Travel hair dryers are designed specifically to be easily portable and compact enough to be carried in a travel bag. To help you find the best one, we have reviewed four top travel hair dryers all available on the UK market.

Best travel hair dryer reviews – Our top picks

  • 5344U Travel Hair Dryer
  • by BaByliss
  • Weight of 427 grams. Dual voltage. 2 heat/speed settings. Power of 2000 W
  • Our Rating:

  • Travel 2000 Dryer
  • by TRESemme
  • Weight of 420 grams. Dual voltage. 2 heat/speed settings. Power of 2000 W
  • Our Rating:

  • 5282BDU Nano Dryer
  • by BaByliss
  • Weight of 357 grams. Dual voltage. 2 heat and speed settings. Power of 1200 W
  • Our Rating:

  • Benross Travel Hair Dryer
  • by Red Hot
  • Weight of 325 grams. Dual voltage. 2 speed/heat settings. Power of 1200 W
  • Our Rating:

Now what are the most important things to look for when shopping for a good travel hair dryer?

Shopping for a travel hair dryer: 3 important considerations to make

1. Portable and lightweight

This is the most important aspect to consider when buying a travel hair dryer. Since you will be travelling with it, it is essential that it does not add to your luggage burden. The bulky hair dryer you use at home may not be so ideal for the road. Instead, find a hair dryer that is compact and light weight but still powerful enough to dry your hair quickly.

Most travel hair dryers come with a foldable handle that allows it to fit easily in your bag. So even if you are taking a day trip, it will not take up much space in your handbag. Also check that the dryer is not too heavy. Anything over 1kg is too heavy and can be really tiring if you need to hold it over your head for a long time. Look for a travel dryer weighing around 500g.

2. Universal power connection

If you travel often outside the country, make sure that your travel dryer can work with most power outlets. Different regions of the world have varying electrical standards. What might work in the UK might not work in another country. While you could always carry a converter, a more convenient solution would be buying a universal travel hair dryer. These are hair dryers designed to work seamlessly with most types of electrical outlets. You simply plug in and you are good to blow.

Some manufacturers include a dual voltage setting. This allows the user to switch from 120v to 240v depending on the type of power outlet.

3. Cost

The cost will depend greatly on the type of hair dryer you want and the number of additional features it comes with. On the lower end of the scale, there are dryers that cost as little as £10. These are basic and work well for the occasional traveller. For something more powerful and durable, target those in the £20-£50 price range. If you are on the road almost every day and you are looking for the best travel hair dryer, be ready to spend anything between £50 and £100.

The most important thing is to have a budget and then find a hair dryer that fits your needs and is within your price range. Start with the following 4 hair dryers we have reviewed below.

4 top travel hair dryer reviews

1. BaByliss 5344U 2000W Travel Hair Dryer

babyliss travel hair dryer

The BaByliss travel hair dryer costs less than £20 but it delivers quite a punch with its 2000W of power. This is good enough to dry your hair in a few minutes. It comes with a dual voltage adaptor for universal compatibility. It also includes two speed and heat settings and a folding handle for easy storage.

It is a little larger than the other three dryers but still compact enough to fit in your bag. It is essentially a compact travel hair dryer with the power of a regular home hair dryer.

2. TRESemme 2000W Travel Hair Dryer

tresemme travel hair dryer

Compared to the other three dryers we have reviewed, the TRESemme is a bit more expensive, costing about £20 on Amazon. Like the other hair dryers, it is compact, includes a folding handle and comes with a dual voltage setting. At 2000W, it is just as powerful as a home hair dryer, ensuring speedy and effective hair drying.

Where it stands out is the inclusion of tourmaline-ceramic technology, which allows a wider and gentler distribution of heat. The result is smoother hair with less frizz. Even if you were not looking for a travel hair dryer, this one would still be a great investment for home use.

3. BaByliss 1200W Nano Dry Hair Dryer

babyliss nano dry hair dryer

If you thought the first two travel dryers were light, meet the BaByliss Nano Dry, which weighs in at less than 400g. While it does not exactly pack a lot of power (1200W) it will serve your needs well enough on the road. It has been designed to be super compact and lightweight for stress-free travel.

A dual voltage setting allows you to use it in most types of plugs. It comes with two heat and speed settings as well as a heat focusing nozzle for a straighter finish.

4. Red Hot Benross 1200W Travel Hair Dryer

budget travel hair dryer

For just about £10, the Benross travel hair dryer is one of the best travel hair dryers. It weighs 325g, making it one of the lightest in the market. Additionally, it comes with a folding handle for easy portability. To make sure you can use it anywhere, it has a dual voltage setting.

On the downside, it comes with only two speed settings and has no cool setting. This is a disadvantage for those with very delicate hair. It also tends to be a little loud. But if you are looking for a low cost, compact and super light travel hair dryer, this is it.

Frequently Asked Questions in the UK

Q: Where to find the best hair dryer for travelling?

These nifty little gadgets are, luckily, very easy to track down! You can find one just about anywhere on the internet, and in most big department stores. Even the bigger supermarkets may stock a range – although the selection may be smaller than in a dedicated hair care shop.

Q: What are the key benefits of a travel hair dryer

There’s nothing worse than being abroad, or on a business trip, and have nothing to dry your hair with. A travel hair dryer will remove this problem -and it will take up very little space in your suitcase.

They are always small, but don’t let this fool you – very often a travel hair dryer will pack just as much punch as its larger counterparts.

Many models are foldable, meaning that you can pack them easily into small spaces – this is great for travelling, or even if you live in a very small place where space is at a premium.

Many travel hair dryers are designed to be extra quiet, which is great for your travelling companions or those in adjoining hotel rooms.

And last but not least, you can find these hair dryers in a huge variety of different colours and styles!

Many of us struggle with the dreaded frizziness when we go abroad, and these hair dryers often come with ionic technology that helps reduce this frizz, and add shine to your mane.

Q: How to use a travel hair dryer?

You don’t need to do anything differently with your travel device than you do with your standard one – just plug it in and off you go!

Many of them come with added attachments for different types of styling, so it may be a good idea to familiarise yourself with these before you go away.

Any good travel gadget comes with different voltage settings depending on where you are in the world – but you may find that one or the other doesn’t work depending on where you are, so no need to learn too much about that.

Ever Ready

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You now have no excuse to stay with messy hair when out on the road. The travel hair dryer comes in handy whether you are going to a business conference, to see the in-laws or for a date out of town. With the above tips on how to find the best travel hair dryer and our top 4 reviews, you should be able to find the best one for your needs and budget.

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