Most Silent Hair Dryer [Reviews + Recommendations]

A daily dose of a hair dryer’s loud humming quickly becomes annoying for other people in the house. Even more so if you style your hair in the morning when everyone is trying to get their last few precious minutes of sleep for the day.

It can also be a major issue if there is a sleeping baby or toddler around. Sometimes even pets get scared of the noise. A silent hair dryer is not only beneficial for other people and pets in the house; it will also give your ears a rest.

In this buying guide we explain everything you need to know before buying a silent hair dryer and recommend the quietest hair dryers you can buy today.

Why should you buy a silent hair dryer?

The design and price are the first things that people look for when buying a hair dryer. You may also consider other features like heat levels, speed settings and accompanying attachments. All those are important features and you should definitely keep them in mind when shopping for a new hair dryer.

For most people however, the noise level of a hair dryer is not something to consider. After all, all dryers are bound to emit some noise. Right? It’s an inevitable part of a machine that quickly and conveniently dries your hair.

True, all dryers do make noise. But the sound level varies significantly among different types and brands. Some hair dryers are loud enough to wake up neighbours in the other apartments while others are silent enough that you can carry on a conversation while drying your hair.

The best hair dryers work quickly, are powerful and work silently. 

You may not realise just how noisy (and annoying) your hair dryer is until you use a quieter one. It makes your mornings more peaceful, ensures everyone can have peaceful mornings too and you actually look forward to using it.

If not for anything else, do it for your ears. Some hair dryers are loud enough to cause long term hearing damage. This is especially the case if you use the hair dryer every day.

So as you decide which hair dryer to buy, include noise level among the essential factors to consider. Look for a decibels rating or read customer feedback when choosing a silent dryer. Or just choose from our top picks below.

So which is the most silent hair dryer?

In picking the best silent hair dryers, we focused on those that are powerful and easy to use yet pleasantly quiet. We favoured hair dryers that can perform well in a wide range of situations (versatile) and also have an overall friendly design.

1. T3 Featherweight 2 Hair Dryer


This dryer is one of the best in performance and design. It combines proprietary proprietary T3 Tourmaline and SoftAire technology to provide a powerful but whisper-level gentle air flow.

The air is loaded with negative ions which help reduce static, enhance your hair’s shine and eliminate frizz.

The Featherweight 2 is designed with an angled handle for better grip and a lightweight body that does not tire your hand. Read my full review of T3 Featherweight.

What we like about it:

  • Quiet operation.
  • Fast drying time.
  • 2 speed and 3 heat settings, making it ideal for a wide variety of hair textures and types.
  • A cool shot setting which comes in handy when you want to set your hair after you have achieved your desired look. The dryer emits a cool blast of air which rapidly cools your hair down, allowing it to set in place for longer.
  • It’s compact, lightweight and has an easy-to-use ergonomic handle.

2. Babyliss Silver Powerlite Dryer


This is another leading whisper-silent dryer. Featuring a powerful motor with high torque power, this dryer produces a powerful flow that dries your hair in no time. It is not as silent as the T3 Featherweight but it’s much quieter than most other hair dryers.

It uses negative ions produced by tourmaline inside the unit to give you hair an extra shine and reduce frizz. The ionic treatment also helps lock in moisture in your hair.

Six different heat and speed settings make this dryer ideal for different hair types and textures.

What we like about it:

  • Powerful motor for fast and effective drying.
  • Versatile, thanks to the six heat and speed settings.
  • A slim concentrator nozzle that allows you to focus on specific sections of your hair.
  • Cool shot setting for a longer-lasting style.

3. TRESemme 5542DU 2200W Power Dryer


If you are looking for a frizz-free hair day, this is one of the best dryers you can get. From one of the premiere manufacturers of hair care products, the TRESemme 5542DU delivers a silent yet powerful hair drying experience.

With 2 heat and speed settings, you can choose the best setting depending on your hair type. A concentrator nozzle allows you to direct the air flow exactly where you want it. You can dry sections of your hair quickly.

As with most dryers, it also comes with ionic technology to reduce heat, improve shine and lock in moisture.

What we like about it:

  • Fast drying.
  • Ionic technology gives your hair a shiny and glossy finish.
  • Concentrator nozzle for precision drying.
  • Silent operation.

4. Remington D3010 2000W Power Dry Hair Dryer


The Hitting Remington D3010 hits the sweet spot between powerful and eco-friendly.

A 2,000W motor provides a fast and powerful airflow that dries your hair in no time. Despite the higher power output, the noise never goes above conversation level.

There is also an eco switch that turns on the eco setting to save energy without sacrificing much power. So you can protect the environment even as you enjoy a great hair day.

A ceramic ionic grille produces negative ions that condition your hair into a glossy finish while also locking in moisture.

What we like about it:

  • Cool setting for longer lasting styling.
  • An integrated ceramic ionic grille to reduce static and give your hair a shiny finish.
  • 3 heat and 2 speed settings, allowing you to choose the best setting for your hair type.
  • An eco setting which saves energy while still delivering adequate power.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How to make your hair dryer quiet?

If you don’t already have a hair dryer that is one of the quieter models (see above), there is no real way that you can make it any quieter. Using a hair dryer on its lowest setting will give the quietest sound that it has, and you can use attachments such as a concentrator nozzle to direct the airflow accurately.

You can dry your hair behind a closed door so that it doesn’t disturb the rest of the family, or you can air dry it (this method is pretty much silent!) Or you could use the heating in your car to dry your hair – but you cannot actually make a hair dryer any quieter than it already is.

Q: What makes a hair dryer quiet?

It is the movement of the motor that powers the fan that makes a hair dryer make noise, so finding one that uses modern technology to make it quieter is the best plan. They will never be absolutely silent, but the ones that use fans with more blades, and a faster motor, are the ones which will be the quietest.

Q: Which is more quiet AC or DC motor hair dryer

A DC motor, despite the fact that it’s more lightweight and has a less powerful airflow, is slightly noisier than an AC motor. If you are looking for the quietest hair dryer then one with a DC motor is your answer.

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