TRESemme Hair Straightener Review: Salon Professional 2066U

TRESemme Hair Straightener Review
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Many ladies will agree that finding the right hair straightener is no easy work. If you have been searching up and down for a way to keep your hair neat and straight, the TRESemme hair straightener is the answer.

What are you buying?

One problem with many hair straighteners designed for use at home is that they never seem to provide a salon-level straightening. Woe to you if you have thick hair full of unmanageable tangles; you probably have to spend a lot of money at the salon.

The TRESemme hair straightener aims to bring the salon right into your home. Whatever kind of hair you have, the TRESemme hair straightener will sort it out in no time. It comes with several professional features including ceramic plates, rapid heating, even heating and auto shutoff among others.


Key features of TRESemme Hair Straightener

1. 230 degrees max temperature

To handle the frizziest and thickest of hairs, the TRESemme hair straightener has a maximum temperature setting of 230 degrees. This is close to the heating power you would get at a salon.

Most importantly, this temperature does not damage your hair. Experts recommend staying below 300 degrees. If your hair needs extra power to straighten out, you can crank TRESemme to the highest setting without worrying about hair damage.

2. Ceramic plates that heat up quickly and evenly

The TRESemme straightener uses ceramic plates to apply heat to your hair. While this is not a unique feature (most modern hair straighteners use ceramic), it has its benefits.

For one, ceramic produces negative ions which protect your hair and leaves it shinier. Secondly, ceramic heats up really quickly.

The last thing you want when you are in a morning rush is a hair straightener that takes forever to get hot. The TRESemme straightener heats up in under 15 seconds so that you can get to work on your frizz in no time.

The third benefit of ceramic is that it heats up evenly. Having a straightener that is too hot in some parts and cold in others could damage your hair and fail to straighten it properly.

The TRESemme straightener distributes heat evenly throughout the ceramic plates ensuring that every strand of your hair gets the same safe treatment.

3. Three heat settings

Another pro feature I really like is the three heat settings. Not every hair type needs 230 degrees to get rid of the curls. Some more delicate types of hair need less heat otherwise they would get damaged.

With three heat settings, you can choose the one that best fits your hair. The temperature goes up at each setting. For soft and tender hair, setting 1 is perfect. For average hair, the second setting is adequate. For thick and extra-frizzy hair, try the highest setting.

4. Safety features

The TRESemme hair straightener has a couple of important safety features. One, it shuts off automatically after 72 minutes (a little bit over an hour). This protects the straightener and anything else around it in case you forget to shut it off.

The other safety feature is a long cord, which ensures you can safely use the straightener without unplugging it or burning yourself.

How easy is it to use?

The TRESemme straightener works like most other flat irons. You plug it in, switch it on and put it on the preferred setting. I love that the cord is long enough that you can safely and comfortable use the straightener. You don’t have to stand right next to the mains to straighten your hair.

The setting button is easy to reach and operate. There is also an indicator to show you when the straightener is on.

Your package will come with an information booklet with directions and important safety details. Read it before you start using the straightener.

What accessories are included?

No accessories are included with the TRESemme nor do you need to buy any. The straightener comes ready to use out of the box.


  • Does not burn hair.
  • Adjustable heat settings.
  • Longer cord.


  • The highest heat setting can be a little too hot for most hair types. Only use it on the lowest or medium setting.

Anything else you should know?

The hair straightener comes in a storage pouch. Don’t throw it away; it comes in handy for storing the straightener after you finish using it. You can also pack the straightener in it when you are travelling.

Final verdict

Many ladies will agree that finding the right hair straightener is no easy work. If you have been searching up and down for a way to keep your hair neat and straight, the TRESemme hair straightener is the answer. Most users say it provides the same quality hair job as a pricey GHD flat iron.

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