How To Curl Short Hair With Straighteners (Flat Irons)

Having short hair is so exciting, and it’s a lot more versatile than you may have thought. You can choose to wear it wavy, straight, braided and even curly! Sure, you can always curl your short hair using a curling iron, but how about easing things up with something you are more familiar with?

Curling short hair with a hair straightener is different from curling short hair with a curling iron. To create fabulous curls from a straightener, you need a little practice, but once you nail the technique, you’ll look fabulously amazing. Read on to learn how to create the perfect curls without using a curling iron.

Start off with clean, dry hair

Before you start, ensure that your hair is completely dry. Wet or damp hair won’t curl. Even if you have those wet-to-dry hair straighteners, curls won’t come out well if your hair isn’t completely dry. Dirty hair won’t also curl properly, so ensure that you wash your hair and dry it well before you begin.

Use heat protectant

Using a thermal spray or heat protectant between your hair and the straightener will ensure your hair doesn’t frizzle and burn. Spray the heat protectant all over your hair- no need to use a comb, because it should mist and dry quickly. If your hair is thick, you should section before spraying to ensure the spray reaches the inner layers. Remember to comb out any knots and tangles before beginning.

Section your hair

You’ll get better results if you part your hair into sections rather than trying to deal with the whole mess at once. For starters, the thicker your hair is, the more sections you’ll need to work on. Tie up your hair into a bun at the top of your head. This is to ensure it is out of your way.

Choose your tool

Your straightener/ flat iron should be around 1 inch (2.5cm) in width from the handle to the plate. It should also have round edges. A flat, slender flat iron won’t produce nice curls. It’ll be much harder to work with, and the curls won’t stay in place for long. So, make sure to get a quality flat iron for the best curls.

Set the temperature

With regards to heat, you should heat up the iron to the minimum temperature your hair needs. If your hair is thin, stick to the low-end temperature of below 150 degrees. Normal hair can withstand between 150 to 200 degrees. You can increase the heat slightly more if your hair is thick and frizzy.

Start curling

Begin at the bottom of your neck and work one section at a time. Clip up the remaining hair. Once that layer is done, untie your hair and let down another section. Again, pin up the rest of the hair. Keep curling in sections until you finish the whole head.

Keep in mind that smaller sections create tighter curls, as well as more of them. If you want your hair to curl like ringlets, keep the sections less than 2 inches. Larger sections create bouncier curls that look a lot more natural. For big curls, keep the sections wider than 2 inches. You can also choose to mix up large and small curls by doing larger curls at the back of the head and creating tighter curls close to the front. Try mixing them up a few different ways to see what works well for your hair.

What if your hair doesn’t hold curls?

If your hair doesn’t hold curls, put more hairspray between the sections before applying heat. If you want the curls to hold their shape as soon as they fall off the straightener, spray a tiny spritz of hairspray right before you apply heat. Be sure to use a non-aerosol spray because aerosols tend to create a tacky mess. Don’t use too much hairspray as well because the hair may become too stiff.

Finish up

You can leave your hair as it is, or you can finish off with the style you want. For loose curls, lightly run your fingers through the curls to part them a little bit. You’ll get a more natural look. For tighter curls, spritz your hair with a thin mist of spray to make the curls tight, sleek and shiny all through the day.

Hopefully – you’ve now reformed into a curly haired beauty. To watch how to curl short hair with straighteners, check out this video:

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