How To Brush Curly Hair Without Losing Curls?

If you have naturally curly hair then you will be well aware of the destructive nature of hairbrushes. Your perfectly waved, stylish hair is all smooth and sleek and just in the style you want it – then you give it a quick brush before you go out and suddenly it’s frizzy, fly away and flustered. There is, thankfully, a solution – how to brush curly hair without losing curls will save your look, and it’s easy enough to do.

Finger comb your hair

Finger comb your hair

One of the best and easiest ways to do this is to finger comb your hair. With clean, dry hands, run your fingers through your locks to remove any tangles – brushing this way will still remove the knots, but you don’t run the risk of damaging the hair or losing curls, as you would with a brush. You can also maintain your curls better with your fingers than with indiscriminate bristles.

Never skimp on the conditioner

When you wash your hair, never skimp on the conditioner. Conditioner is a good moisturiser for your tresses, and will smooth out any tangles much better than if you don’t use it.

You can also not worry too much about leaving a bit of residue on your hair in this case, because a bit of leftover moisture will go far towards making your hair smooth and frizz free.

Argon oil through it

After washing and drying your hair, try running a little Argon oil through it. This light, moisturising oil has a multitude of benefits for hair, not least that it is excellent at removing tangles. It is also very nourishing and good for your scalp and hair too, so it will give you a delicious shine.

Brush your hair when it’s wet

Brush your hair when it’s wet

Try brushing your hair when it’s wet. Using a wide toothed comb, gently remove any knots and tangles, before it’s fully dry – this will prevent your hair going frizzy, and stop you accidentally pulling out brushes full of hair!

Detangling spray

Detangling spray is also a great addition to your hair care regime. The sprays are specially designed to remove knots and snarls, and will be a real bonus if you need to tame your hair but want to avoid strenuous brushing.

Don’t use a hair dryer

Are you a blow dryer? Consider not using a hair dryer for at least every other wash, as it can dry out your hair and make it more prone to be frizzy and losing its curl. If you do need to use a bit of a hair dryer, use it on its coolest setting, and make sure you use it with a diffuser.

Start from the bottom and work up

When you brush your hair, start from the bottom and work up. Brush the strands of hair from the bottom, because if you start from the top you run the risk of hitting a big knot halfway down and pulling out half your hair!

Tool you need

There are a few tools that every curly haired person among us must have in their arsenal, to beat the frizz and retain those lustrous curls.

Obviously, you will find your own routine and what works best for you, but you should at least have all these things on hand in case you have a styling emergency one day:

  • Wide toothed comb. Ideal for detangling your hair whilst still in the shower.
  • This accessory to your hair dryer will reduce the heat and spread out the blast, so your hair won’t take too much abuse.
  • Leave in conditioner. For those days when you simply have to dry your hair, a bit of this liquid gold will make a world of difference.
  • When you have removed the tangles from one section of your hair, you’ll need to section that piece of hair away to stop it from getting snarled up again.
  • Although this sounds a little scary, having a pair of shears on hand to remove single strand knots or excess split ends is very useful to prevent these and future knots.

Final words

Curly hair is a blessing, which can sometimes feel like a bit of a curse. It doesn’t have to be however!

How to brush curly hair without losing curls is a simple procedure (or several different ones, depending on what route works best for you) which will finish off your look for that night out, a important meeting – or even just a fancy Tuesday!

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