How To Dry Wavy Hair Naturally Without Frizz?

Wavy hair (especially for those of us who don’t have it and really want it) is the dream. You can wear it up or down and it will always look good; stroll into a room and look as if you’ve just come from the salon; or just straighten it for a completely different look. However, there are downsides to having wavy hair – the dreaded frizz.

What causes frizzy hair?

What causes frizzy hair

Frizzy hair is mostly caused by a lack of moisture in the hair, so the key to removing it is to increase the moisture. But how do you do this, when you’re trying to dry your hair?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Drying your hair with a dryer can strip the hair of a lot of its natural oils, and too much heat on the hair can damage it. There are other ways to dry your hair than plugging in the dryer!

Air drying your hair certainly is the least effort you can make when drying your hair. But in some cases it can lead to problem hair – funny hairstyles, damp patches in some places, or a head full of frizz. There are ways to avoid this happening though.

How to avoid it?

How to avoid frizzy hair

Drying your hair naturally is the best way to dry your hair – it causes less damage to the hair in the long term as well as making some fantastic hairstyles.

Yes, it may take a little longer, but especially for wavy hair it really is the best thing. Read on for how to dry wavy hair naturally without frizz…

  1. You should always condition your hair when you wash it. Even if you feel like skipping the shampoo, always make sure you condition, to keep the cuticles of your hair closed and to give that shiny, lustrous look.
  2. Using a wide toothed comb, brush out the tangles from your hair whilst you’re still in the shower. This will make it easier to dry in a smooth way once you get out.
  3. Rinse with cold water. You can do this once you get out of the shower if you like, so you don’t end up shivering! The cold water seals the cuticle further, making your hair shiny rather than frizzy.
  4. Use a microfiber towel. Ordinary towels can dry your hair out, as well as causing snags and snarls. A microfiber towel is the best thing to use for drying your hair gently and naturally – and rubbing at it with a towel is definitely a no no. Simply squeeze the excess water out and then wrap it in your cotton towel.
  5. You can twist your hair into a loose braid and leave it to dry naturally, which will give it a loose curl whilst still drying and remaining frizz free. You can also jazz it up with more than one braid, which will make different shapes – try a few experiments and see what works for you.
  6. Don’t touch your hair when it’s wet. Obviously, touch it to start the drying process, but not once you’ve got it the way you want it. Touching it and playing with it will make fly away hairs and frizz spring out of nowhere, and it will mess up whatever style you have decided to go for.
  7. You can also try some leave-in products, such as a leave in conditioner. This will allow your hair to dry smoothly, preventing the unwanted frizz as your hair dries.
  8. A rinse with diluted cider vinegar after your final condition (or even in place of it) can really work wonders for removing the frizz from your hair. This also fills your hair with much-needed shine.

Waves are wonderful, and making them smooth, sleek and shiny is an art. Luckily, it’s quite an easy art!

Final words

You can, of course, blow dry your hair if you’re in a hurry, or if you have to walk to work in the cold and don’t want to catch a chill from your wet hair – but drying the hair too fast can lead to frizz.

If you do have to do a tactical blow dry, it’s best to limit it to a short blast to take the wettest of wet off, but not dry it completely.

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