A Review Of The GHD IV Styler: Iconic Hair Straightener

ghd IV Styler Review
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The ghd Mark IV styler is a great product that I would recommend to any person anytime. It is durable and comes with a two years manufacturer’s warranty. The ceramic heating technology and automatic shutdown are some of the features that make it stand out from the rest.

What are you buying?

The ghd IV styler is a great purchase that gives users good value for money. It comes with around barrel that helps create flicks, curls, and waves.

The ceramic heat technology of the styler helps create a professional smooth finish to your hair. The styler will automatically turn itself off after 30 minutes unattended. The fact that it includes a universal voltage makes it an ideal hair styler to use on travels.

Personally, before I purchase any hair products, I look at the key features and how they best benefit me. Read my ghd Mark IV styler review to learn more.

ghd IV Styler review


Key features of the ghd IV Styler

To have a better understanding of the ghd Mark IV styler, let’s have a look at some of the key features and their benefits.

1. Ceramic heat technology

The hair styler comes with a ceramic heat technology that helps create a smooth and professional finish to your hair. The GHD is known to heat up in a matter of seconds. This is an excellent feature for people on the go helping them curl their hair real fast.

You don’t have to wait for the styler to get hot for long like most hair straighteners out there. The whole process will take you 10 minutes or less depending on your hair type, and you’re left with a shiny and soft hair.

2. Automatic sleep mode

The styler automatically turns itself off after 30 minutes without being attended. This is a very beneficial feature especially for those people in a hurry likely to forget it turned on. This prevents it from over-heating in case it was forgotten while curling your hair.

3. Includes a universal voltage

I have to give the manufacturers thumbs up on this one as it comes to your aid when on travel. How many times have you had your hair styler with you when on travel only to find out you can’t use it due to the different voltage in different places? The universal voltage included gives you optimum performance wherever you go.

4. Round barrels

The round barrels in the GHD styler helps achieve a wide range of functions making it a versatile product worth every penny. You can use it to create curls, flicks, waves and straighten curled hair.

How easy is it to use?

The user friendliness of any product is very crucial when making a decision whether to buy or not. This is more so important when dealing with your hair. You obviously don’t want to make a mistake with your hair with a product you can’t use with easy. The ghd Mark IV Styler is quite simple to use making it a good purchase.

It is quite simple and takes less than ten minutes to get your hair looking shiny and feeling soft. It is a great deal as you don’t have to use it every day. The effects usually last until your hair is washed.

Personally, I was so impressed with it that I bought some GHD brushes that I now use with the ghd Mark IV styler.

What accessories are included?

The box comes with one ghd Mark IV styler and an instruction manual. It is quite simple with no included accessories. It is one of those few products you can use immediately after opening the box.


  • Quite simple to use.
  • Heats up really fast.
  • Gives a long lasting effect.
  • Durable and lasts for long.
  • Automatically turns off if left unattended for 30 minutes.


  • Can damage if you wrap the lead around them.
  • Several fake imitations in the market (make sure you buy from a genuine dealer).

Anything else you should know?

The ghd Mark IV styler has been positively rated by various consumers online although there are claims of imitations. However, it is a good deal for the money if you buy from genuine dealers. The styler has an excellent average rating on Amazon alone after been reviewed by over 4000 consumers. This seems a fair number of reviews and a show that the product does work as promised.

Final verdict

You can go ahead and buy with confidence knowing you’ve spent your money well. It is durable, and the GHD hair straighteners come with a two years manufacturer’s warranty. This goes to show their confidence in the product.

The ceramic heating technology and automatic shutdown are some of the features that make it stand out from the rest. The universal voltage also makes it come in handy when travelling as you can always use with almost any voltage. The ghd Mark IV styler is a great product, likely the best hair straightener on the market, and one I would recommend to any person anytime.

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