Cloud Nine The Wide Iron Hair Straightener Review

Cloud Nine The Wide Iron Review
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I love the Cloud Nine wide hair straightener. I especially love how the manufacturer has design it to work on all kinds of hair, straight or frizzy, soft or tough, thick or thin and whatever other species your hair is.

What are you buying?

If you were not blessed with genes for naturally straight hair, then you know how frustrating and time-consuming mornings can get as you try to get those wild curls straightened out.

Having the right hair straightener can make the daily battle easier, even effortless. The Wide Iron Hair Straightener from Cloud Nine is the perfect weapon against frizzy and curly hair. However unmanageable you think your hair is, this compact hand-held straightener will surprise you with how well it works. It comes with features and tech that makes it easier, safer and a pleasure to use.

cloud nine wide iron review


Key features of Cloud Nine Wide Iron

1. Extra-wide plates

Many hair straighteners are unable to handle long and thick hair. With its extra-wide 1.5 inch plates, the Cloud Nine Wide Plate Hair Straightener is perfect for all types of hair, thick or sparse.
If you have never found a straightener that works on your thick and extra-curly hair, try this one.

2. 7 temperature settings

The straightener allows you to choose the best temperature setting for your hair. You can choose a lower setting if you have delicate hair that requires gentler handling and a higher setting if you have really curly and thick hair that needs more heat to straighten.

There are seven temperature levels ranging from 100 to 200 degree Celsius. An easy-touch button makes it easy and quick to increase or decrease the temperature. The current heat level is clearly displayed on an LED display.

3. Ceramic heat technology with minerals

The straighter uses ceramic heat technology to deliver a constant temperature throughout the plates. This ensures that every strand of your hair in contact with the plates is getting the same amount of heat.

Not only does this protect your hair from damage, it also ensures a neat uniform straightening throughout your hair.

In addition, the plates are infused with minerals. These minerals give your hair an extra shine as you straighten it, giving it a vibrant look and softer feel.

4. Swivel cord

Have you ever used a hair straightener and the cord keeps wrapping around the straightener and your hand?

It may seem like a minor issue but it can be very frustrating especially in the morning when time is not a luxury.

The Cloud Nine wide straightener does not have this problem thanks to a swivel cord attached to it. The cord rotates in place as you turn the straightener, ensuring it never gets tangled.

How easy is it to use?

This hair straightener is really easy to use. The only setup required is plugging it in. Press the button on the straightener to choose your preferred temperature. It takes 20 seconds for the plates to achieve the set temperature and then you can get to work getting those kinks out.

At 1.1kg, the straightener is fairly light meaning you hand will not tire quickly. The swivel cord makes it even easier to move it around your head. Once you are through, the heat-resistant pouch provides a safe place to store the straightener as it cools down.

If you prefer not to put it in the bag use the provided heat guard. It fits perfectly over the handle and plates of the straightener. This ensures that someone does not accidentally touch the hot plates. It also protects whatever surface you place the straightener on.

What accessories are included?

If you spend a lot of time on the move, the included luxury case will come in handy. You can also use it at home to store the straighter when not in use. The case is heat resistant, meaning you can place the straightener in it while still hot.

Another handy accessory is the protective heat guard. It is meant to cover the plates while they are cooling. With the guard on, you can place the straightener on any surface without damaging it.


  • Easy to use.
  • Adjustable temperature levels.
  • Swivel cord for a frustration-free experience.
  • Mineral-infused.


  • The on/off button is on the inside of the plates, making it a bit difficult to access.

Anything else you should know?

If you touch the ceramic plates of the straighteners (when they are cold, of course), they feel really smooth. You will also notice they rise or float slightly above the surface, away from the housing.
This design allows you to straighten your hair without the straightener getting caught or pinching your hair. You’ll find it especially helpful if you have really thick and curly hair.

Final verdict

I love the Cloud Nine wide hair straightener. The wide plates, ceramic technology and changeable heat settings make for easier mornings. I especially love how the manufacturer has design it to work on all kinds of hair, straight or frizzy, soft or tough, thick or thin and whatever other species your hair is.

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