Top 10 British Celebrities With Best Hair And Hairstyle

Hair is a fashion accessory, so no wonder that celebrities all over are coming up with unique styles to set themselves apart. A new hairstyle is the best way for a new season’s look, and a good one is worth more than an entire wardrobe of shoes and clothes.

Below is our take on the top 10 UK celebrities with the best hair and hairstyles (female, and in no particular order).

Emily Blunt

emily blunt hair

Photo Credit: Georges Biard, via

Emily Blunt, currently starring in the Girl On The Train movie, is talented and super gorgeous; she’s simply smart. Now she has added yet another quality to her already impressive resume; she has pulled off a golden blond hair with assistance of her stylist, Laini Reeves. Going blonde makes her look young and sleek and gives her a bold and daring look.

Emilia Clarke

emilia clarke hair

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Emilia’s hair is in between a lob and a bob making it unique. The hairstyle leaves her face exposed, but it’s still long enough to recreate many different styles. Her blonde is well thought off with subtle caramel coloured highlights at the ends. Her hair is always perfect (also thanks to her stylist Kevin Alexander), and she is an example of what great hair looks like. Let’s hope her Game of Thrones career continues well in the next season(s).

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley hair

Photo Credit: qspirituel via Compfight

From crops to curds and with several colour changes Keira Knightley, the star of The Imitation Game, is never afraid to experiment when it comes to her hair. In 2016 alone Keira has dawned different hair styles ranging from long to medium and even a bob cut. Her boldness in experimenting brings out her bold and bubbly personality. Her hair stylist is the talented Wendy Iles.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton hair

Photo Credit: Yoshioga1405 via Compfight

Kate is famous for her Chelsea blow dry and bouncy curls. Her choice of hairstyles is simple yet sophisticated (her stylist is Richard Ward). She loves a classic ponytail but sometimes wraps a piece of her hair around the base of the pony.

For official and sporting appearances, Kate dawns faultless blowouts and wears her long luxurious locks down. In her new do, Kate has dramatically changed from her signature look to more subtly curled tresses flowing around her face with several strands loosely pulled back.

Emma Watson

emma watson hair

By Georges Biard, via

Emma captured the hearts of many Harry Potter lovers as Hermione with her larger than life frizzy hair. She transitioned into Hollywood upon chopping here hair into a pixie cut which has remained her trademark.

To date, Watson, together with her stylist Isabel Guillen, continues to push the boundaries of beauty by applying bold makeup and edgy hairstyles. She is an inspiration to many girls proving that a haircut can change a life. I’m sure that she is going to look gorgeous in her forthcoming movie, the Beauty and the Beast again.

Gemma Arterton

gemma arterton hair

By GabboT, via

Gemma’s short and cute bob has grown out to a longer and stylish look. Her long bob is slightly longer at the front giving it a strong directional look. The jagged, side-swept fringe has turned the star into a classic cool again. The fringe is quite bold and chunky, but the uneven ends tone it down giving it a trendy feel. Among her latest movies include a Hundred Streets and The Girl with All the Gifts. Her stylist is Mai Quyhn.

Rosamund Pike

rosamund pike hair

By gdcgraphics, via

Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl and An Education) is famous for her short, blonde hair. She has proved time, and again that long hair is a work of art. Her hair is always perfect, and she wears different bob hairstyles with precise parting from casual and wavy to sleek. Her versatility extends to the way she styles her bobs.

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding hair

Photo Credit: Evelyn Dylan via Compfight

Ellie always leaves her golden locks in long natural waves. Her hair is long, textured, and voluminous. She prefers a classic hair look and doesn’t go crazy. She is the pop princess with a tousled blond look. We all love her biggest hits like Love Me Like You Do and Anything Could Happen. Her hair stylist is Louis Byrne.

Carey Mulligan

carey mulligan hair

By Eva Rinaldi, via

From sweet bobs to edgy, short hairstyles Carey Mulligan (Great Gatsby) has shown us that short hair doesn’t have to be boring and restrictive. Nobody does it better that Mulligan when it comes to working out tousled bob or blunt crop, red or blond hair.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

catherine zeta-jones hair

By David Shankbone, via

Catherine Zeta-Jones is revisiting her bangs phase. However, instead of the side-swept version we’ve always seen Jones is going for a full-layered fringe that is just below her eyebrows. Previously she wore blunt bangs, and while she loves experimenting with a fringe or short lengths, Jones doesn’t colour her hair (although I’m sure she uses some sort of hair vitamins). Her current stylist is Maranda Widlunt.

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