Which Is The Best Blonde Hair Dye On The UK Market?

Hair dyeing is a delicate science. As well as making sure the dye sets in effectively, you also have to be careful not to cause any damage to your hair or scalp.

If you are thinking about going blonde, here are a few important things to consider before you take the leap.

Choose the right shade

Blonde dye comes in several tones generally categorised into warm and cool shades. Warm shades include tones like caramel, copper, honey and golden. Cool ones include ice, ash, beige and pearl.

The right shade for you depends on your skin tone and your natural hair colour. A cool skin tone matches well with a cool shade of blonde hair dye. The same applies if you have a cool natural hair colour. If your skin or hair has a warm shade, there is a wide variety of corresponding warm dye tones to choose from.

If you have trouble determining what shade of dye to choose, I recommend talking to your hairdresser. They can recommend the perfect dye for you.

Pro tip: Buy a shade or two lighter than the one you want. Hair dye often turns out darker than the image on the box. Buying a slightly lighter shade ensures you get the results you wanted.

Pro tip 2: Don’t apply dye that is more than 2 shades away from your current hair colour. If you are making a drastic change from something like brunette to blonde, do it in stages.

Choose the right dye formula

If you have sensitive skin, find a friendly formula that will not irritate your skin and scalp. If you have thick and curly hair, find a liquid dye that spreads easily through all your hair strands. There are also dyes specifically for natural Afro hair.

Have the right hair products

If you decide to dye your hair blonde, you need several supporting hair products to protect your hair and prevent the colour from fading. These include shampoos, hair oils and conditioners.

By researching and comparing ingredients, ease of use and customer feedback, we selected the five best blonde hair dyes you can buy online.

1. L’Oreal Excellence Creme Blondes Supreme Lightest Blonde Hair Dye

This is an extra-light almost pale blonde dye (colour: 10.10). It doesn’t just dye your hair blonde; it also contains nourishments to strengthen your hair and keep it lush and glowing. Collage, pro-keratin and ceramide prevent your hair from breaking especially when brushing.

The L’Oreal Excellence Crème blonde dye leaves your hair feeling silky and looking vibrant. Users describe the final colour as warm and natural.

What we like about it:

  • Nourishing and hair-strengthening ingredients.
  • No-fade formula.
  • Easy to apply at home.

2. Garnier Nutrisse D+++ Bleach Lightener Permanent Hair Dye

The Garnier Nutrisse blonde hair dye is formulated to provide permanent hair colourization while also protecting your hair from too much stress. The dye is easy to apply at home and provides full coverage for those with grey hair.

It doesn’t contain ammonia, which is especially good for those with sensitive skin. But it’s still potent enough to lighten your hair up to 8 tones, resulting in a beautiful natural blonde shade.

The accompanying conditioner is enriched with three oils – avocado, blackcurrant and olive oils – as well as Shea butter to nourish and moisturise your hair. This not only strengthens your hair, it also keeps it looking healthy and vibrant. It also helps with colour retention.

What we like about it:

  • Comes with a hair strengthening and moisturising conditioner.
  • Easy to apply at home.
  • No ammonia.

3. Schwarzkopf Color Expert Omegaplex Hair Dye, 10-2 Light Cool Blonde

If you prefer a cool blonde shade, use this dye. It’s a permanent hair dye with a cool and light blonde tone.

The Schwarzkopf Color Expert dye uses OmegaPLEX technology to lock colour into your hair while also strengthening your strands at a fibre level. OmegaPLEX is a combination of several ingredients including an anti-breakage serum, an after-colouring repair sealer and a repair reviver which reinforces your hair’s health and strength.

What these ingredients do is strengthen the micro bonds that make up your hair fibres. This does two things. One, it protects your hair when you are dyeing it. That’s when it’s most vulnerable to breakage. Two, it protects your hair from future damage. This keeps your hair strong long after you have dyed it.

What we like about it:

  • Hair strengthening and protection formulation.
  • Can be used for regrowth application.
  • Easy to apply at home.

4. John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Number 10N, Extra Light Natural Blonde

This permanent hair dye comes with a non-drip formulation. It will make less of a mess when you are applying it and is especially good for those with sensitive skin and don’t want the dye to drip onto their face.

It spreads easily, providing 100% coverage even for those with thick and curly hair.

The dye comes with an after-colouring hair conditioner containing hair nourishing and moisturising ingredients. The conditioner seals in the colour and protects your hair from breakage. The oils and nourishing ingredients also keep your hair looking great and feeling silky soft.

What we like about it:

  • Not tested on animals.
  • Non-fade formulation.
  • Gives your hair a beautiful natural shade.

5. Clairol Nice’n Easy Permanent Hair Colour, 102G Natural Light Golden Blonde

If you are looking for a warmer blonde, trying this light golden hair dye. It’s really easy to apply at home and provides full coverage even for thick or curly hair. It comes with simple and clear instructions that are easy to follow.

Note that this is not a permanent hair colour. It lasts between 6 and 8 weeks. So you need to apply regularly to prevent fading and to keep your greys from peeking.

The Nice’n Easy blonde dye contains hair-nourishing ingredients that protect your hair after application, preventing breakage especially as you brush. It also moisturises your hair, keeping your tresses looking healthy and vibrant.

What we like about it:

  • Very easy to use at home; comes with clear instructions.
  • Contains nourishing and strengthening ingredients.
  • Provides a beautiful and highly realistic natural hair colour.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What would happen if I put blonde hair dye on brown hair?

You cannot lighten your hair colour without using bleach, which is very damaging to the hair. Putting blonde hair dye on brown hair will either have very little effect at all, or might even make it turn a strange sort of orange colour – almost certainly not what you were looking for!

If you are trying to go blonde and you have brown hair, your best bet is to go to a salon and have it done professionally, to avoid any mishaps that can arise from home hair dye disasters.

Q: What happens if you put blonde dye on red hair?

Red is a strong colour and blonde is much weaker, so you are unlikely to get good results if you put blonde dye on red hair. Even if you are a natural redhead, blonde dye will not lighten your colour – the best result you can expect is a brassy sort of orange. If you have dyed red hair then the results may be better, but it is not recommended that you try this at home.

Going to a professional salon will help you lighten your natural colour without leaving you unable to leave the house because of misery about your hair colour, or leaving you out of pocket trying to get a salon to fix it.

Q: How to dye light blonde hair dark blonde?

If your hair is already blonde, it is easier to darken it than it is to lighten it. All you need to do, in this instance, is to choose the shade of dye that you want from a trusted hair dye brand, and follow the instructions for a good home hair dye solution. You can, if you have the money and inclination, got to a salon for a truly professional job, but dying your blonde hair a darker shade of blonde is easy enough to do at home.

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