Parlux Hair Dryer Vs ghd Air [Side By Side Comparison]

If you are wondering whether to buy a Parlux or ghd Air hairdryer, this 5-minute comparison will help you make the right choice. We are going to pit the new Parlux Advance hair dryer against the ghd Air hair dryer.

Both Parlux and ghd are household names when it comes to hairdryers. Both produce good quality and reliable products.

Parlux focuses mostly on hair dryers. They have produced several models since the 70s. Some of the most popular ones include the Parlux 3200, 3500 and 3800. The Parlux Advance is their newest model.

The ghd Air is ghd’s main hairdryer model and one of the most popular hairdryers on the market.

Both brands have been around for quite a while. The ghd Air was introduced in 2011 while Parlux has been around for several decades. They are trusted brands known for their ease of use, safety and durability.

If you are looking to buy a new hairdryer, your friends or hairdresser will most likely recommend one of these two brands.

There are a lot of similarities between the Parlux Advance and ghd Air. To start with, both have roughly the same amount of power: 2100W for the Air and 2200W for the Advance. This is more than most hair dryers in the market including the much-hyped Dyson Supersonic (1600W).

That means they dry hair quite fast and efficiently.

Both also have ionic conditioning. They produce negative ions to counter static in your hair and prevent frizz. They have variable speed and heat settings as well as a cool shot button for faster setting.

Price-wise, both are at the higher end of the market with the Parlux costing just a few extra pounds. They both come with nozzles for focused airflow.

As for the differences, let’s look at each hair dryer.

ghd Air Hairdryer

ghd Air is powerful. The 2100 watt motor produces professional-level power ensuring your hair is dry in no time. It’s also easy to use thanks to an ergonomic handle, long cable and variable heat settings (3 for speed and 3 for heat).

People love ghd Air for its quick drying. With most hair dryers, it can take over half an hour to finish drying and styling your hair. The ghd Air can do it in 15 minutes or less. This is possible mainly because of the high-powered air flow and also the ionic drying technology.

The main issue most people have with ghd Air is its weight. It weighs 599g vs. 456g of the Parlux Advance.

People using the ghd Air for the first time they say it feels heavier than they expected. Many get used to the extra weight. But if you have a lot of hair to dry, I suggest going for the lighter Parlux hair dryer.

Users of ghd Air also say it’s not the best for achieving super straight hair. You have to use a straightener afterwards to achieve a perfectly styled look.

Parlux Advance

The Parlux is slightly more powerful at 2200W. It’s the best option is you want the true salon experience. It’s especially effective for those with thick hair. The powerful air flow cuts through your hair with ease and quickly dries it.

Ionic conditioning helps reduce drying time and reduces frizz as well.

Parlux Advance is much better than ghd Air at styling your hair. If you don’t want to have to use a straightening iron after using the hairdryer, get the Advance. It straightens hair more effectively and for longer (some users say up to 3 days).

If your hair tends to get really frizzy or curly, you might get better results with the Advance than the ghd Air.

At just 456g, the Advance feels much lighter in your hand. It’s the best option if your hair requires more time to dry and style.


These two are considered some of the best hairdryers around. Either is a good choice. However, I’d recommend the ghd Air if you want a hair dryer that feels really comfortable in your hand. The handle works for either the left or right hand.

ghd Air is also the best choice if you generally prefer ghd products because of their ease of use and reliability.

Choose the Parlux Advance if you want the true salon experience. It not only dries your hair quickly, it also leaves it looking red carpet-ready. It’s great for those with thick or curly hair.

I also recommend it if you want something lighter that won’t strain your wrist and arm.

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