How To Style Short Hair For A Wedding

Having short hair doesn’t limit your styling options for the big day. There’s no shortage of glamorous and elegant hairdos to choose from for your wedding from pixie cuts to curly updos.

The trick is to find a style that blends well with your entire ensemble and which you are comfortable with. Simple accessories like clips, headbands and other pieces can also make a huge difference.

Read on to learn more on how to style short hair for a wedding.

Pixie cuts are simple, elegant and versatile

If you are not sure what style to go for, a pixie cut is always a safe choice. It has a certain elegant simplicity that many other styles can’t much.

It’s also a versatile style, so you can customise your cut the way you want.

Most pixie cuts have shorter hair on the sides and back and longer hair at the top, typically ending in short bangs at the front.

But you can also have an even cut all round for a more formal chic look or leave the hair longer on the sides if you want to add more volume.

Another popular pixie style is layering. It creates volume and adds texture.

You can enhance the layering by using highlights or go all the way and dye all your hair. Pixie cuts look particularly good in funky colours and are much easier to dye compared to other styles.

If you are interested in getting a pixie cut for your wedding, this video highlights some of the best and trendiest pixie styles. It’ll give you a good place to start.

Get a bob cut to emphasise your jawline

A bob cut falls somewhere between a lob (a shoulder-length style) and a pixie. It works great for women with medium length hair.

A bob is great for those who find the pixie cut too boyish for their liking. It’s more feminine, with some of the gracefulness of long hair.

As with a pixie cut, there’s a whole world of possibilities for styling your bob from an untamed chic style to wavy.

If you want simple and elegant, go with a smooth and sleek style. It goes well with just about any wedding dress and is easy to accessorise.

For a bit more pizazz, work some curls into your hair using straighteners, rollers or a curling iron.

You can play around with different types of curls such as curling only the ends, creating 2-3 large curls along the length of the hair for a wavier look or curling only some layers for a unique mixed style.

Bobs are great when you want to accentuate your cheekbones and jawline. But if you want the focus to be on your entire face, go for a bob and bangs combo.

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Wedding-ready updos

Updos work really well for brides and bridesmaids, regardless of the length of your hair. There are dozens of ways you can style your hair at the top or back of your head.

What I love about an updo style is that it clearly differentiates between the face and hair.

Unlike other styles that blend the face and hair in one look – risking hours of makeup going unnoticed – an updo accentuates both the hair and face, ensuring the best of each stands out.

For shorthaired brides, an updo adds volume to your hair.

Styling it with braids down the middle or on the sides creates a nice texture. If you are not much for braided hair, try a ponytail that catches some of the hair at the back.

You can also go with a bun at the back of your head.

Go natural

It might be scary to go with a natural style but with a little styling and hair powder, it can just as glamorous as any other style.

The trick is to go with your hair’s natural predilections. If it’s the curly type, use rollers or a curling iron to tame those curls just a little bit.

Natural styles like cornrows (on their own or mixed with another style such as afro or Mohawk), afro and flat twists also look great.

If your hair is too short to style into anything, a short shave will do. To make it stand out more, dye it.

Accessorising your hair

Any of these short hair styles can be improved with a few well-chosen accessories like a headband, flower crown or bow.

Even a small metal piece on the side can add a huge statement to your hair.

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