How To Shampoo Hair Properly At Home

Is your hair losing its shine and luster? Do you want to make your hair healthy and gorgeous as it was before? Many at times we get too preoccupied to even mind how our hair looks. Well, the best way to make your hair healthy again is by shampooing! A good quality shampoo will never let you down. It enhances the beauty of your hair over time and surely works wonders on your overall look.

Luckily, it’s never too late to restore your hair’s stylishness and elegance by stepping up your shampoo game. This post will show you how to shampoo hair properly at home. Go ahead reading.

1. Start by oiling your hair

Never underestimate the power of oiling your hair before washing it. Oils replace lost essential oils and also moisturise your hair. Massage hair oil into your hair 2 to 3 hours before washing it. You can use olive, mustard or coconut oil. Another option is to apply oil to your hair before going to bed and leave it in till morning.

2. Brush out the hair

To reduce oil buildup, increase the flow of blood and open up pores, brush out the tangles in your hair before you shower or during shower. This will make it easier for you to rinse the hair before applying shampoo. If you do brush your hair before rinsing it, be very careful because hair becomes fragile when oiled.

3. Rinse it

The same way clothes need a good rinse before adding detergent; your hair should be rinsed before applying shampoo. Warm water will expose the cuticles, which is great because this loosens accumulated grime and allows your hair to soak up the oil you’ve massaged into it. Keep in mind that the water needs to be warm. Hot water is not recommended since it dries up your hair.

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4. Lather up with shampoo

Ever wondered how to shampoo hair the right way? First, you need to use a good quality shampoo for the best of results. Measure a reasonable amount of shampoo into your hand depending on the size and length of your hair. Gently massage the shampoo into your roots and ensure you wash hair at the nape of the neck. Avoid scrubbing and intense circular motions because it tends to weaken your hair.

5. Don’t add more shampoo

Regardless of what the directions on the shampoo bottle say, you shouldn’t shampoo your hair twice. Avoid stripping oil from your hair by shampooing only once, which is what is recommended. Unless your hair is really dirty and the first shampooing didn’t form lather. In such a case, you can lather up only one more time.

5. Squeeze out excess water

Your hair should be prepped for conditioning; therefore, it is necessary to get rid of excess water. For long hair, use a towel to squeeze water from the middle section to the ends. If your hair is short, you can use your fingers to shake out the water gently.

6. Condition like a Pro

Take a quarter sized splotch of conditioner and spread it evenly over your hair from the scalp to the tip. Leave it for 4-5 minutes then rinse it off thoroughly. It is necessary to do away with all conditioner once it has set since an excess of it can cause build up of grime in your hair.

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7. Use leave-in conditioner

If your hair knots and tangles easily, you can use some leave-in conditioner after you’ve shampooed and conditioned the hair. Your hair will look shiny, lustrous and healthy throughout the day.

8. Rinse with cold water

For that final rinse, it is important that you use cold water. While warm water opens pores inside your scalp, cold water keeps them shut, thus sealing off the conditioner and the oils your hair needs. Doing this also helps your hair become thick and voluminous.

9. Finally, dry your hair

This may seem unimportant, but it’s not. After showering, you should shake off excess water out of your hair. Wrap it in a towel and let it absorb water for a few minutes. Do not rub your hair using the towel, but rather press the towel into your hair.

Now, you can grab your shampoo and conditioner, and head off to the bathroom for a long relaxing shower.

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