How To Colour Resistant Grey Hair?

You may be the type of person who is happy to embrace the look of the silver fox – or you might be someone who wants to hide your greys. If you are the latter, then you have probably already tried all the usual suspects, and you may have been frustrated by limited success. If your hair is one of the stubborn types that simply does not want to accept a bit of a cover up, then learn how to colour resistant grey hair – it will improve your confidence no end.

What causes grey hair?

What causes grey hair

Generally, ageing turns the vast majority of us snowy white. It is usually a slow process, taking several decades from the time that you discover your first grey.

In some cases, greying can start much earlier, as early as the late teens and twenties. Genetics plays a large part in when your hair starts to grey; and hair colour is a big factor too.

Redheads tend to grey the fastest, then brown and blonde. Asians and African-Americans take the longest to develop a full head of grey – and no one knows why!

Stress can also take it toll on your hair, as can the weather and your lifestyle – if your diet is not as rich in vital nutrients as it can be then you will probably find this reflected on your head.

Why is some hair resistant to colour?

The reason that grey hair takes less well to colour than non-grey hair is the texture. As we age, our bodies produce less and less of the natural oils that keep our scalps lubricated and our hair soft and smooth.

This means that the scalp becomes drier, and the hair growing out of it becomes coarse, and as such resistant to colour.

What colours look best on grey hair

What colours look best on grey hair

The colours that you choose to dye your greying hair should be based as closely as possible on your natural colour, as this will look far more natural.

Have a think about your skin tones and what colours naturally suit you, when you are thinking about dyeing your grey hair. Or, if you have been waiting your whole life to go electric blue, then now is the time!

How to colour resistant grey hair

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. How DO you dye your hair if your greys have become reluctant to change?

1. Switch to permanent hair dye

I you have spent your life on semi permanent dye and your greys are starting to show through it, now might be the time to switch to a permanent dye that allows the colour to set much deeper into the hair shaft.

2. Dye for longer

You can try leaving the dye for longer that you normally would (but not too long) to cover those pesky greys. A simple solution that may help you to increase the colour coverage on even the most stubborn of greys, this trick is simple.

Identify the areas that you want to colour the most, then apply the dye to these areas 20 minutes before you dye the rest.

Then apply the dye to the rest of your hair, follow the instructions and then wash out.

If you find that this does not cover the greys adequately, leave it for a few minutes more every time you dye, and build up the time until you find what works for you.

Here is my article on when the best time to dye your hair is.

3. Use a pre softener

There are products out there that can help to allow the dye to penetrate the cuticles of your hair; a pre softener like a peroxide developer can help open the cuticle to allow the colour to get in deeper.

4. Use a shampoo designed for coloured hair

Using a shampoo designed for coloured hair is a good step towards helping your greys maintain their colour. These shampoos are much more gentle that the regular shampoos, and will not strip away the colour as some other shampoos can.

5. Apply with a brush

If you are using a home colour kit, applying it with a brush can make a world of difference. This means that you can target specific areas, and add natural looking tones to your grey hairs rather than covering your whole head and ending up with  potential disaster.

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