ghd Classic Curl Tong Review

ghd Classic Curl Tong Review
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The ghd Classic Curl Tong is considered by many to be the gold standard for curling tongs. It’s super easy to use, safe for your hair and leaves behind gorgeous waves that last long.

What are you buying?

Though it lacks heat control settings found in most other hair stylers, the ghd Classic Curl Tong has a really smart way to protect your hair and make sure you get beautiful lasting curls.

The tong is really easy to use and is ideal for all hair types. With a 26mm barrel, it produces medium-size curls though you can also create a variety of other styles.

If you are looking for a curling tong that produces great curls that last, is a breeze to use and lasts longer than any other curler, the ghd classic curl tong is a good choice.

ghd classic curl tong review


Key features of ghd Classic Curl Tong

1. 26mm barrel with tri-zone technology

The 26mm barrel can be used with all hair lengths. It’s not too short to style long thick hair neither is it too big for short hair.

But the most interesting feature is the tri-zone technology integrated into the barrel.

Most curlers and straighteners have temperature control buttons where you can choose the safest and most comfortable heat level for your hair.

The ghd Classic Curl Tong operates at a constant safe temperature of 185C, which is just right for most types of hair. But to make sure the temperature stays there, the barrel contains six sensors that constantly detect the current temperature and automatically adjust it.

This keeps the temperature even throughout the barrel, preventing hotspots that could damage your hair and cold spots that could leave your hair unevenly curled.

2. Spring-activated lever for easier styling

Instead of a curling wand where you have to wrap hair around the barrel yourself, this curling tong comes with a convenient spring-activated lever to hold your hair tips in place.

Once you clip the tips of your hair, you can use just one hand to roll the tong until the entire length of that hair section is wrapped around it.

The lever also reduces the risk of burning your fingers since you don’t have to hold your hair as you curl it.

3. Cool tip for safer and more comfortable styling

At the end of the wand, a cool tip protects your scalp, ears and fingers. You can work more comfortably without worrying about the hot barrel touching your skin.

4. Safety stand and auto shutoff mode

A hot barrel can easily damage your surfaces or even cause injury to someone. The ghd classic curl tong comes with a safety stand that keeps the hot barrel off the surface as it cools.

Just remember to turn it off when you finish styling. But just in case you forget, a common oversight when you are in a rush to get out of the house, the styler has an auto shutoff feature. It will automatically go into sleep mode after 30 minutes, saving energy and ensuring it doesn’t injure anyone.

How easy is it to use?

Very easy. There are no settings to fiddle with. Just connect to a socket, turn the styler on and wait a mere 25 seconds for the barrel to get to 185C. As you wait, you can continue sectioning your hair.

When styling, use the lever to hold the hair in place as you wrap your tresses around the barrel. Make sure you start from the tips of your hair and then roll the barrel towards the root.

When you are done, use the safety stand to safely store the curler.

What accessories are included?

The ghd classic curl tong does not come with any accessories nor do you need to buy any. But as with any hair styler, there are a few must-have products such as a heat protective spray and a hair moisturizer.


  • Easy to use thanks to the lever and cool tip.
  • Safety features (safety stand, heat-control sensors and auto shutoff).
  • Ideal for most hair types and lengths.
  • Has universal voltage, making it ideal for travelling.


  • No temperature control.

Anything else you should know?

If you love ghd stylers, you may have noticed that none of them has temperature control. Most use Tri-Zone technology to keep temperature constant and even.

This technology was developed by ghd technicians in their Cambridge lab. It has allowed ghd to develop stylers that work safely and effectively even without a heat control button.

Final verdict

The ghd Classic Curl Tong is considered by many to be the gold standard for curling tongs. It’s super easy to use, safe for your hair and leaves behind gorgeous waves that last long.

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