Which Is The Best Shampoo For Natural Blonde Hair?

Natural blondes have many of the same problems that other hair types have. Their hair can get a bit dry and dull at times, it can feel too greasy on some days and it can get damaged from over processing.

But natural blonde hair has its own unique challenges too.

One of the biggest is maintaining your natural colour. Stay out in the sun for too long and it starts to turn pale. Jump into the pool and it gets an unsightly green hue. Even the water coming out of your showerhead can do a number on your beautiful hair if it has too many dissolved minerals (hard water).

Away from capricious colour changes, natural blonde hair has several other maintenance headaches. For one, it tends to show greasiness more than other hair colours. The clumpy wet look can really ruin your look.

Blonde hair is also the most fragile and prone to damage. Split ends are very common among natural blondes. So you have to be extra vigilant with your hair care routine.

The best way to deal with all these problems is using the right hair products.

Best shampoo for natural blonde hair

Luckily, there are plenty of hair products formulated just for natural blondes. In this 10-minute buying guide, we review the 5 best shampoos for natural blonde hair you can buy online.

These shampoos are designed to keep your hair colour from turning and ensure it stays strong and healthy. You’ll notice that most of these shampoos are purple or violet. This is because these colours counteract the brassy and yellowish hues that tend to creep on blonde hair. They help you retain your beautiful natural colour.

1. L’Oreal Shine Blonde Shampoo – 250ml

This is a brightening and repair shampoo. If your hair is weak or has gotten a bit dull, use this shampoo. It has violet micro pigments to neutralise overly-warm yellow and brassy tones.

If you live in a hard water area, your blonde hair will be affected because it’s more porous. It easily absorbed minerals which can change your hair colour and suck out moisture. The L’Oreal Shine Blonde Shampoo contains anti-hard water ingredients to prevent damage from hard water.

The shampoo also contains ceramides that work to repair damaged hair.

The shampoo is gentle so you can use it even on sensitive hair as often as you like (ideally 2-4 times a week).

What we like about it:

  • Protects your natural hair colour.
  • Prevents hair damage from hard water.
  • Contains hair-repairing ingredients.

2. Premium Blonde Hair Shampoo with Natural Camomile Extract

Camomile is a natural hair lightener. It keeps your hair in its light natural blonde, preventing any yellowish hues from creeping in.

This shampoo contains concentrated camomile extracts. When you lather it in your hair, leave it in for a minute for the camomile to have the maximum effect then rinse it out.

There are no chemical dyes in this shampoo and all the ingredients are vegetable based (there’s also no animal testing). It’s gentle on all hair types. You can use it every day without drying out your hair.

What we like about it:

  • Leaves your hair shiny, supple and beautifully natural. Smells nice too.
  • Safe and gentle formulation with vegetable-based ingredients and no harsh chemicals.
  • Ideal for everyday use.

3. Klorane Camomile Shampoo For Blonde Hair 200ml

This is also a camomile shampoo with a gentle lightening effect on your natural blonde hair. The camomile extracts prevent your natural colour from being stripped off either by sunlight, water or other hair products.

It doesn’t contain any chemical dyes or any harsh ingredients. So it’s gentle on hair and you can use it even on damaged or sensitive hair. You can also use it on children as young as 3 years. It’s a good family shampoo.

It not only leaves your hair looking vibrant, it also makes it soft and supple. If after a couple of hours in the sun your hair looks dull and scraggly, this shampoo will help.

What we like about it:

  • Safe and gentle on all hair types. It doesn’t contain any harsh or synthetic chemicals.
  • Ideal for everyday use.
  • Nice camomile fragrance that stays on your hair all day.

4. Silver Shampoo by B Uniq 250ml

This shampoo is formulated specifically to fight yellow and brassy tones that develop on blonde hair, whether natural or dyed. It neutralises these yellowish hues with violet pigments, leaving your hair looking naturally light and vibrant.

It doesn’t contain any sulphates. So it’s very gentle on hair. It won’t cause any irritation or drying out even with daily use. It’s also free of parabens.

Your hair will appreciate the UV protection provided by the UV filter in the shampoo. You don’t have to worry about your hair fading when you are outside.

For nourishment, the shampoo contains Pro-Vitamin B5 which leaves your hair soft and strong.

Note: Be careful when applying the shampoo as it can stain your clothes and hands. Use the included gloves when washing your hair.

What we like about it:

  • Gentle and safe ingredients.
  • Super effective at cancelling out yellow hues on natural blonde hair.
  • Leaves hair shiny and soft.

5. Garnier Ultimate Blends Camomile Blonde Hair Shampoo, 400ml

This shampoo contains both camomile and Matricaria flower extracts. Both of these lighten your natural blonde colour and counteract any brassy or yellowish hues that develop.

It also contains honey which is great for trapping moisture in your hair and keeps your hair feeling soft for hours after washing.

Use it to prevent your hair from going dry or fading when you are going about your day. If your hair tends to develop yellowish tones, this shampoo will prevent that, ensuring your hair retains its natural vibrant look all the time.

What we like about it:

  • Smells amazing and the fragrance sticks around for long.
  • Great for maintaining natural blonde hair.
  • Gentle ingredients with a minimal risk of irritation even on sensitive scalps and skin.
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