A Guide To Choosing The Best Shampoo For Hair Extensions

Best shampoo for hair extensions – Top 3

We have seen all you need to do leave your hair extensions looking great and staying for an extended period in perfect condition. Shampooing is a crucial part of hair extension maintenance and getting the best shampoo in the market will play a big role. The review below presents you with the best shampoos (and conditioners) in the market to get your hair extensions looking great again.

1. X-10 Hair Extension Care Set of Four


best conditioner for hair extensionsThe X-10 is formulated to gently clean and cleanse natural hair extensions and fiber with a lightweight formula that does not harm your hair. The formula detangles your hair extensions leaving them feeling soft, silky and manageable. The set comes complete with everything you need to keep your hair extensions clean. You get a 250ml care conditioner, 250ml care shampoo, 250ml care in treatment, and a 125ml shine spray.

The shampoo is great and makes dry hair feel soft and silky. The spray is brilliant making your hair shiny.


  • Gentle on the hair.
  • Does not leave any tangles.
  • Delivers soft silky extensions that are manageable.


  • A bit pricey.
  • Not travel-friendly with the four bottles included.

2. Balmain Hair Human Extensions Care

balmain hair shampooThe Balmain Hair Extensions Beauty Bag is a great option to maintain the great looks of your hair extensions. You get shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, shine spray and hair brush, which is certainly a great deal.

The shampoo is great and does an exceptional job detangling the hair extensions to allow for smooth brushing. The Balmain is highly recommended and well rated across most consumers’ sites. It is a fantastic product that makes hair feels amazing.

It smells great and leaves your hair extensions with a nice scent that you will love. The shampoo does a great job making the hair feel soft and shiny and one to take with on your travel.


  • Quite portable and one to take on a journey.
  • Has a great smell.
  • Make hair feels soft and shiny.


  • A bit expensive.
  • The pump can be a bit difficult to use.

3. InstaNatural Argan Oil Shampoo

best shampoo for hair extensionsThe InstaNatural is a daily shampoo treatment with an ultra-clarifying formula that cleans and revitalises your hair with each single washing. It is one of the best hair shampoos on the market made with the highest quality argan oil. Argan oil is known to produce some of the best hair ingredients so far. The formula is enriched with vitamin B5 to keep the scalp healthy retain the beautiful colours of your hair.

This Argan oil has all the hair refining qualities that help repair damaged, dry, frizzy or brittle hair. It is the perfect solution for itchy and dry scalps.


  • Made of hair healthy ingredients.
  • It is a high-quality shampoo and clears grease hair.
  • Can be combined with other healthy oils.


  • Does not leave a lasting feeling

Final verdict

Choosing the right shampoo (and conditioner) is a very crucial step in taking care of your hair extensions. The shampoo reviews above give you an insight into some of the best shampoos in the market if you are looking for a great shampoo product. They can help keep your hair extensions clean, shiny and leave them smelling good. They are a great value for money and a must buy if you love your hair.

  • X-10 Hair Extension Care
  • by X-10
  • Gentle on the hair. Does not leave any tangles. Delivers soft silky extensions that are manageable.
  • Our Rating:

  • Balmain Hair Human Extensions Care
  • by Balmain
  • Quite portable and one to take on a journey. Has a great smell. Make hair feels soft and shiny.
  • Our Rating:

  • InstaNatural Argan Oil Shampoo
  • by InstaNatural
  • Made of hair healthy ingredients. It is a high-quality shampoo and clears grease hair. Can be combined with other healthy oils.
  • Our Rating:

Hair extension care guide

Caring for your hair extensions is as important as caring for your hair. Hair extensions can damage your hair if they are not properly taken care of. Proper care will ensure they last for the period they are intended to last.

Even before deciding to get your hair extensions, it is always advised to know how to take care of them properly. Hair extensions are great and can add beauty to your hair, but the looks should not last for a month or so. You need hair extensions that will make your hair appear great at all times.

Taking proper care of your hair extensions requires your effort, your hair stylish and proper knowledge on how to caring for hair extensions. We are going to discuss a few helpful tips to taking care of your hair extensions to achieve that gorgeous hair. Some of them might appear basic but go a long way determining how long the extensions last and how pretty they look.

1. Regular brushing

Brushing your hair extensions on a regular basis is probably the most basic thing you can do but a very crucial one. Use a looped brush, hair straightening brush or some smooth styling comb and gently brush your hair starting from the ends and working your way up. You can even brush it in a downwards motion depending on what works for you. A soft bristle brush will work well detangling your hair without damaging it. Be patient and brush it slowly as pulling it forcefully will break your hair.

2. Wash the hair extensions properly

Washing your hair extensions is another proper step to ensure the extensions last for long. You first must detangle them before washing them with the right shampoo. Here, you need the patience to avoid tangling them. Wet the extensions slowly through a downward motion. Shampoo them and rinse them well. In the case of knots appearing, use a super wide-toothed comb to separate them slowly.

3. Condition and let dry naturally

Get a good conditioner and spray or work it in the same downward gentle move before allowing your hair to dry. It is advised that you let extensions dry naturally or if you have to use heat, use very low heat. It is always crucial to have ample time for the hair extensions to completely dry if you are to prevent any tangles later.

Once dry, try to blow dry using low heat settings. This will dry the bonds and the surrounding hair before blowing drying the normal way. Doing this reduces breakages and shedding.

4. Treat your hair extension bonds carefully

All the effort in maintaining your hair extensions can go to waste when your bonds start degrading. Treat them well when styling or blow drying.

5. Can I colour, tone or bleach my hair extensions?

Almost over 75% of women color their hair which brings up the important question. Can I colour my hair while having hair extensions?

Colouring your hair extensions

It is possible to colour your hair extensions if you regularly dye your hair. Colouring can be done once the extensions have been fully fitted. This way, there will be no gray creeping or roots damaging the new looks of your hair. The hair colour must match the colour of the hair extensions. Prevent having the extensions coloured in a lighter shade as this will require bleaching. Bleaching is harmful and can damage or alter the quality of your hair extensions.

6. Get more information about your hair extensions

There is a lot to learn every day about your hair extensions. Learn if they are natural (made of human hair) or artificial. The care for every hair extension differs depending on the material used to make the extensions. Human hair is the best and offers you the option of re-dying or changing its colour should you want something different.

Every step you take in caring for your hair extensions must be gentle. Patience is a key virtue here. Wringing or harsh pulling can cause the bonded length to break or have the hair damaged.

There is a lot of information on the internet to show you how without damaging your hair extensions. Tilting your head back is one, but you always have to seek more information. Visiting your hair stylist and protecting your hair from direct sunlight also helps maintain the hair extensions.

Frequently Asked Questions in the UK

Q: Where to find shampoo for hair extensions?

You can find a huge selection of great shampoo for hair extensions online, where you will be able to read about the benefits of the different shampoos and which one you should get for yours.

Alternatively, you can ask your stylist or hairdresser, who should be able to give you some good tips – particularly if you ask the one that put the extensions in in the first place!

A quick wander through the larger department stores could also find you what you are looking for – although this type of shampoo is somewhat more specialised than the standard, so you may have to look a little harder than for some others.

Q: How can you find a good shampoo for hair extensions?

The first and most important rule for the best shampoo for hair extensions is, it must be sulphate free. Labelled as SLS and SFS on the ingredients label, these are the agents that make a shampoo foam, and they are highly abrasive and will strip all hair of its natural oils – whether its your own hair or not.

Spending a little extra on a quality brand is well worth it; cheaper shampoos will potentially damage your locks, meaning that the extensions don’t last as well.

It’s a good idea to buy a two in one hair treatment, because the more you rub your hair the more chance there is of loosening the bonds that hold your extensions in, so a combined shampoo and conditioner is ideal.

You can even get a package that combines shampoo, conditioner and a deep hydrating treatment to keep your hair as strong, lustrous and healthy as it can be.

Shampoos containing a larger amount of natural ingredients are the best for hair with extensions, as these ingredients tend to be more gentle on the hair and scalp, thus allowing your extensions to stay in for longer and look more healthy.

Q: What are the benefits of shampoo for hair extensions?

Hair extensions, although they are made from real hair, are somewhat different to the hair that grows on your head. Mainly because this hair is not actually growing out of your head!

It needs a more gentle approach even than you would with your own hair, as rough treatment or harsh shampoos can cause it to become damaged and even fall out, leaving unsightly gaps.

Just the same as choosing the right shampoo for your natural hair, you can select a shampoo for your hair extensions that suit them – for example curly ones will need different treatments to straight hair, and a naturally oily head of hair will benefit from a different treatment to the dryer types.

Finding the right shampoo for your hair extensions will make them last longer, look healthier, and give you that all important confidence.

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