Which Are The Best Hair Straighteners For Short Hair?

Short hair is harder to straighten. Even more so if it’s also curly. While flat irons are the best styling tools for hair straightening, not all of them are ideal for short hair. Most have plates that are too wide and too long to properly grasp hair sections from the root.

You also have to be careful not to burn your scalp, a big risk when you are using a large unwieldy flat iron.

The best straightening irons for short hair are those with narrow plates and a light body. The lightweight body makes it easier to handle your short tresses and the narrow plates allow precise styling from the root to the tip.

Travel hair straighteners are actually really good for those with short hair. They are lightweight and slim. But you don’t have to buy a travel flat iron if you want a good straightener for short hair. Major brands like ghd, Cloud Nine, BaByliss or Remington have designed straighteners specifically for their short-haired users.

We looked at these straighteners to find the best, comparing them on areas like ease of use, safety and styling effectiveness.

One feature we were particularly concerned about was temperature control. If you have short hair, you’ll be working uncomfortably close to your scalp. The last thing you want is a straightener that blast out too much heat.

With temperature control, you can at least choose the heat level you are most comfortable with. This is also important if your hair is delicate, thin or damaged.

I’d also recommend you check for ionic conditioning. Short hair is vulnerable to frizz. A straightener with ionic conditioning helps to eliminate the frizz and leave your hair with a smooth glossy finish.

Here are our picks for best hair straighteners for short hair:

1. ghd V Gold Mini Styler

The ghd V Gold Mini is the crown of mini stylers. Ask many salon pros and they will always recommend it for short hair.

It has everything you need to style your hard-to-handle hair length: a lightweight body for easy styling, slim plates for added precision at the root and tips of your hair and ceramic plates that glide smoothly without snagging your hair. You can even use the contoured edges to create curls and waves.

While this straightener lacks temperature control (as with all ghd flat irons), it does not get as hot as its full size siblings. The maximum temperature is 185C, compared to 200C-230C of larger hair straighteners. This not only protects your hair, it also ensures you don’t experience any discomfort when styling your hair.

If you travel often, you’ll be glad to know that this mini flat iron has universal voltage. So no matter where you are, you can just plug it in and get to work on your hair. Read my full review of ghd V Gold Mini.

What we like about it:

  • A 30-minute automatic sleep mode for safety.
  • Design is friendly for short-haired users.
  • Great for travelling.
  • Easy to use.

2. Corioliss c3 Rose Gold Hair Straightener

This stylish gold straightener uses floating titanium plates to effortlessly smoothen out kinks and frizz out of your short hair. The narrow plates are ideal for precisely targeting your hair from the roots to the tips. The compact body makes it easy to work though hair sections without tiring your arm.

But the best feature of all is the variable temperature control. You can easily set the heat level you are most comfortable with and which is safe for your hair.

The straightener has a swivel cord that prevents tangling as you drag it around your head. It’s also long enough (3 metres) that you can comfortably sit or stand however you want without straining.

What we like about it:

  • Perfect for short hair
  • Easy to use thanks to the lightweight body, easy controls and swivel cord.
  • It’s dual voltage, making it ideal for travel.
  • Comes with a 30-minute auto shutoff feature for safety and to save energy.

3. Remington S3500 Ceramic Straight 230 Hair Straightener

While narrow, the Remington S3500 is quite long. Its 110mm length means you can straighten bigger sections of your hair at once. It’s a big timesaver.

The plates are made contain ceramic and tourmaline, which provides a smooth glide through our hair. It will not snag or pull your hair. In addition, the ceramic releases negative ions that help lock moisture inside the hair. They also provide a smooth glossy finish.

When it comes to temperature control, this straightener easily wins over all others. It has 30 heat settings. You just turn a wheel to choose the best one for your hair and the one you are most comfortable with.

The temperature range is quite wide – 150C to 230C. This makes the S3500 ideal for all hair types, whether fine and delicate or thick and tough.

The plates heat within 15 seconds, making sure your hair is ready for the day in no time.

What we like about it:

  • Universal voltage and heat-proof pouch making it great for travelling.
  • 1-hour automatic shutoff for safety and saving energy.
  • Narrow plates perfect for short air.
  • Easy to use thanks to the long cord and smooth ceramic-tourmaline plates.

4. TRESemme Salon Professional 2066U Ceramic Hair Straightener

Narrow 1-inch plates allow you to straighten your hair right down from the roots. You can also precisely target the tips, ensuring smooth and frizz-free hair the full length up.

The ceramic plates heat up within 15 seconds, ensuring you can start styling your hair almost immediately. The plates heat evenly which protects your hair from hot spots that could damage your hair and scalp.

And of course there is temperature control. Choose from three heat settings depending on your hair type, hair length and comfort preferences. The heat control button is easy to reach. You can change the heat level without having to lower the straightener from your hair.

A salon length cord makes the iron easy to use. When you are done you can immediately store it in the heat-proof pouch. In case you forget to turn it off, it will automatically shut off after 72 minutes.

What we like about it:

  • Narrow plates perfect for short hair.
  • Salon-length cord.
  • Ceramic-tourmaline plates for effortless styling and a glossy finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to straighten short hair?

Before you start straightening your hair, it should be washed and dried. You should never straighten your hair while it is still wet or damp, as the heat can damage your hair.

Use a mild shampoo and a conditioner that is appropriate to your hair type, then dry with a towel first the blow dry it gently. Comb it through with a wide toothed comb to prevent damage to your hair.

  1. It is sensible to use a heat protecting spray to prevent damage to your hair – but make sure you keep this spray away from your roots as this may make your hair look limp.
  2. Section your hair using clips, to keep the rest of the hair away from the parts you are straightening. Make a minimum of four sections of your hair – upper, lower, and each side.
  3. Set your hair straightener to the level that is suitable to your hair type: If you have fine hair then you should keep the temperature between 200 and 250F to prevent damage. For medium thickness go for 300 to 350F, and if you have thick hair then set your straighteners to between 350 and 400F.
  4. Straighten your hair in sections of 2 inches thick, no more, to make the straightening effective.
  5. Once the first section is done, unclip the next and move on. If you need to take a little longer to perfect the section then just take a little longer to get it perfect before you move on.

Once you have finished straightening all the sections of your hair, check it in the mirror and make sure it’s what you are after. Once you’re ready, spread a bit of finishing serum through your locks to help it stay in place, and make it lustrous.

Q: What styles can you do with short hair straighteners?

Although you may not be able to do cascading waves running down your shoulders, you can still achieve an amazing style straightening your short hair.

You can either go with the standard, sleek straightened hair, or you can jazz it up by curling the ends of your short hair with straighteners. There is more to it than this, however!

  1. Crimped Curls. Wash and dry your hair, and use a heat protecting spray. Take a small section of hair, hold it two inches below the root for around 5 seconds. Repeat the procedure further down the hair, and continue until the end. Continue until every section of hair is crimped.
  2. Braided Curls. Wash and dry your hair thoroughly, then apply heat protectant. Braid your hair in two sections, then hold the straightener on the braid for up to 5 seconds. Continue down the length of the braid, then removes the braid and tease out the curls.
  3. Retro Curls. Wash your hair and dry it, then use a heat protectant spray to protect it. Take a section of your hair, wrap it around your fingers from bottom to top. Remove your fingers, then place the straighteners around it for 5 seconds. Repeat this process for the rest of your hair.
  4. Flipped Out Bob. Wash and dry your hair, then add heat protectant spray. Straighten your hair thoroughly. After you have straightened your hair, go over it again with the straighteners, and when you get to the ends of the hair, flip the iron away from your face. Continue this motion through the rest of your hair, to create a flipped-out wave at the bottom of your hair. This gives a good, 80s style to your hair.

Q: Where to buy the best hair straighteners for short hair?

Your stylist or hairdresser should be able to recommend you the best brand of hair straighteners for short hair, if you are not sure what you are looking for.

Alternatively, you can wander down the high street as there are lots of shops which will sell you hair straighteners for your short hair.

Or, if you have an idea of the type you want to buy, then a quick internet search will turn up exactly what you are looking for.

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