How To Choose The Best Hair Mask On The UK Market?

Hair masks are a fantastic addition to your hair care regime. They are moisturising, nourishing for your hair and very good for overall condition and health. There are a great many different hair masks out there – those for general hair maintenance; ones for intensive moisturising; masks suitable for repairing dry and damaged hair. But which to choose? Which one is the best hair mask?

Hair masks for dry hair

Hair masks are the perfect balm for hair that is dry, as the extra boost of moisture will clam the cuticles and improve the look and feel of your hair for a long time to come. You may have to use the hair mask repeatedly if you have an ongoing problem – but that’s a bit of a treat, right?

Put the mask on, put your feet up, and enjoy a cup of tea and your favourite film while you let the mask do its work.

Hair masks for dandruff

Dandruff is very often caused by having a scalp that is dry, so putting a bit of nourishing hydration into your hair will help this problem immensely. Look for a hair mask that is intensely moisturising, and use it weekly, and you can enjoy the best results.

Hair masks for oily hair

You may think that just because you have naturally oily hair that you wouldn’t benefit from a hair mask. You’d be wrong! There are many hair masks out there that are formulated for those with an oily scalp, and these can help to control your particular problem as well as care for your scalp and hair.

Hair masks for damaged hair

Damaged hair is perhaps one of the most rewarding types of hair to use a hair mask on. Hair that has suffered due to excess dyeing, weather conditions and stress is literally crying out for some TLC, so do your hair a favour and give it a much needed boost with a hair mask that is formulated for damaged hair (here is also a list of good shampoos for damaged hair). Your locks will love you for it.

Best Hair Masks Reviews

We have compiled a list of our very favourite hair masks on the UK market for you to choose from, so you can get the best mask for your locks and make the most of your hair.

1. Coco & Eve Like A Virgin Hair Masque Review


This hair mask has been doing the rounds on social media, and has even won awards fr it effectiveness! It can moisturise, condition, tame the frizz and even help treat split ends. It’s a hair mask that is suitable for any hair type, and is guaranteed to make even the most tired hair look and feel its best again.

What we like about it:

  • It claims to repair the hair from the inside out, to make it not only look great, but also feel as healthy as it possibly can do.
  • There are a great many added ingredients to nourish, moisturise and care for your hair. Fig and Shea Butter will add hydration, while Argon oil adds some shine and lustre.
  • Adds shine without making hair limp. So many products out there claim to make your hair shiny, but actually end up weighing your hair down and making it look lifeless. This one will make your hair strong, shiny and gorgeous without adding weight.
  • Complementary angle tamer hair brush included. Using this product with its free brush, which is designed to make hair tangle free and smooth, will help you to make the most of this mask.
  • Free from sulphates and cruelty. If you are concerned about what you put on your hair – and what your hair products put on the environment – go for this product. It contains no harmful sulphates, and is PETA approved and 100% vegan.

2. Kerastase Nutritive Hair Mask Review


This is a product that is suitable for both men and women, and it will work its magic on whichever gender you happen to be. It works very well on thin hair, and can add a lot of body and volume to even the most lacklustre of tresses. It leaves a lovely shine and is great for hair that is excessively dry. After washing your hair, applying the mask and wrapping it with a hot towel will give the best results.

What we like about it:

  • Sulphate free, for the best hair experience possible. Sulphates are highly damaging to hair, and this product contains nothing but natural ingredients, so you can be sure it is doing the best for your hair.
  • Suitable for all types of hair. Whether you have thick, coarse, damaged hair or fine, limp, lifeless hair, this mask will make the best of whatever you have got.
  • Works very well for curly hair. Instead of contributing to frizzy, fly away hair, this product will allow you to embrace your natural wave without succumbing to unwanted frizz.
  • Has a delicious smell as well as being effective and bringing shine. It’s always god to find a hair product that makes you smell lovely as well as making your hair look great, and this one has a very nice smell.
  • Kind to sensitive hair and scalps. This product is suitable for all hair types, but unlike some it will not irritate your scalp and make any existing hair issues you have any worse.

3. Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque Review


This hair mask is especially formulated for dry, damaged hair so it is perfect for hair that has been ruined by too much dyeing, or strong sunshine and months of abuse. It will nourish, condition and moisturise your hair, leaving it supple, strong and shiny – and it contains lots of added ingredients that add to the strength and health of your hair.

What we like about it:

  • Excellent value for money. Because you only need to use a small bit at a time, this product will last and last you. Also, there is no expiry date on this mask, so it should be good or at least a year after you first open it!
  • Contains Macadamia nut oil plus Chamomile, Aloe and certain algaes, to add strength, shine and vital nutrients to your hair.
  • Ideal for any type of hair. Whether you are curly, straight, slightly wavy or anywhere in between, this mask will improve your hair and make you look shinier and more filled with lie than you ever have done before!
  • Prevents weakness and damaged hair. This mask can strengthen hair to the point that breakages may actually reduce, and hair that is currently weak can rejuvenate.
  • Adds volume as well as strengthening the hair. Using this mask can make your hair look thicker, stronger and longer, as well as improving the overall health of your hair.

4. John Frieda Detox & Repair Masque Review


The perfect mask for dry, stressed and unmanageable hair, this one will really sort out your tresses and make them look as good as they possibly can. It contains antioxidant ingredients to improve the hair and scalp, thus improving the overall look and feel of your hair.

What we like about it:

  • Ideal for intensive treatment. You can use this product often, especially when you’re stressed or your hair is going through a difficult time, and it won’t add build up to your hair.
  • Contains extra ingredients to improve your hair’s health and condition. The Avocado oil is an extra moisturising boost, while the green tea extract will give your hair a burst of antioxidants and extra cleansing.
  • It’s reasonably priced. This is a major consideration for many of us, although conversely we would be willing to spend twice the cost of this mask and more for amazing hair! If you’re on a budget, this is a great product.
  • Safe for coloured hair. Some masks are not so suitable for hair that has been dyed; this one will offer the same rejuvenating effects without damaging your hair further, or removing the colour.
  • A lovely fresh smell that lingers even after you wash the mask off. When you use a product that is so good for your hair, it’s a great added bonus to find that it smells great too.

5. L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Absolut Repair Gold Mask Review


This is a luxury hair mask, perfect for those who are really serious about improving the look, health and feel of their tresses. As it is made by a well known manufacturer with decades of experience in creating the finest products for hair health and maintenance, you can be sure that your hair is in good hands with this mask

What we like about it:

  • It’s a lightweight mask that will not weigh your hair down.The texture of this mask is thinner than some others – not that this detracts from its effectiveness! It has a gel cream texture that is easy to apply and will give your hair a lovely shine.
  • Enriched with protein and Gold Quinoa. These added ingredients make this mask even more nourishing and caring for your hair, whether or not it is dry and damaged.
  • It leaves no trace on your hair. Unlike some masks that can leave your hair feeling a bit clogged up, this mask will not leave any residue on the hair shaft, so you’re left with soft, smooth shiny hair.
  • Suitable for all hair types. Whatever colour and whatever state your hair is in, you can apply this mask and be safe in the knowledge that it will do your hair a lot of good.
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