Which Is The Best Cordless Hair Straightener in The UK?

Traditional corded hair straighteners are great. Many come with plenty of features that provide salon-level styling. There is also the fact that you don’t have to worry about a dying battery. You can spend as much time on your hair as you want.

But they are also tedious to use. To straighten your hair, you have to sit or stand near a power outlet. Even a long cord doesn’t give you the freedom of a cordless hair straightener.

Additionally, it’s easy for the cord to get all tangled up around your head and hands especially if you are dealing with a non-swivel cable. Corded hair straighteners are not ideal for travelling. Many are big and cumbersome to carry around, though there are a few mini types.

But the biggest problem is that you can’t use them just anywhere. You need to be near a power outlet. So you can forget about carrying it on your next camping or road trip.

Cordless hair straighteners have their downsides too. They need to be recharged often and are usually not as powerful as their corded siblings. But there are situations when a cordless straightener is better.

For instance, if you travel often, a cordless styler ensures you hair is looking neat wherever you are. It’s easy to pack it in your travel bag and you don’t need to be near an outlet to use it. Cordless hair straighteners also offer an easier time styling your hair. You can turn and twist it any way without a cord getting in the way.

If you have been on the lookout for a cordless hair straightener, whether for travelling or home use, we have selected the 5 best ones you can buy online.

1. Lee Stafford No Strings Attached Cordless Ceramic Hair Straightener

This hot pink cordless straightener retains heat for 15 minutes, long enough to straighten out your tresses. If that’s not enough time, just plug it back into the charging base and it will heat up again in no time.

The styler uses ceramic-tourmaline plates which provide a smooth glide through your hair. They heat up fast and evenly and leave your hair looking smooth and glossy. The handle has a soft rubber finish that provides a stronger grip for easier styling control.

With the included storage bag, this straightener is perfect for travelling. There is even a backup power cord for those times when you prefer to plug it in.

What we like about it:

  • Safety mat included to protect your surfaces.
  • Ionic conditioning to reduce frizz and achieve a smoother finish.
  • Can be used corded or cordless.

2. BaByliss 2581BU Pro Cordless Gas Straightener

Not all cordless straighteners rely on a battery. The BaByliss 2581BU cordless straightener uses gas to heat the plates. According to many users, the plates don’t get as hot as those of an electric straightener. But they are hot enough to remove most of the kinks and frizz in your hair.

The biggest advantage of this straightener is that you can use it practically anywhere. Even if you are deep in the forest away from civilization, it will still work. This makes it ideal for camping, hiking trips and festivals.

The straightener is powered by an energy cell that lasts for around 4 hours. So you can use one cell for several mornings before it runs out. If you are travelling far, buy several cells to carry with you.

What we like about it:

  • Can be used anywhere, even with no access to a power outlet.
  • Lightweight and compact, making it ideal for travelling.
  • Cool tip and protective heat shield for safety.

3. Carmen by Samantha C81026 Cordless Rechargeable Hair Straightener

This stylish cordless straightener comes in two colours; gold and pink. It’s small and really light, weighing just 322g. When fully charged, the lithium battery can power the straightener for up to 25 minutes. This is more than enough time for most ladies.

For such a small and compact straightener, it is a surprise that it has heat control. You can choose from three heat levels, depending on your hair type and styling needs. The ceramic plates are coated with keratin, which protects your hair and provides a smooth finish.

When you are done styling your hair, the heat-resistant travel pouch provides a safe and convenient storage option.

What we like about it:

  • Keratin protection technology.
  • Long battery life.
  • Heat control.

4. OBEST NEW Cordless Mini Ceramic Hair Straightener

The OBEST mini flat iron uses a USB cable for charging. The cable can be connected to a USB charging port or to the provided wall adapter. With USB charging cable, you can recharge the straightener anywhere in the world, a big plus for frequent travellers.

When fully charged, it provides a styling time of 20 minutes. It includes temperature control with two heat levels to choose from; 180C and 200C. But note that it will still not straighten your hair as well as a corded one because of the smaller plates and lower heat level.

But if you just need something to keep your hair neat when away from home, it’s perfect. At just 7.2 inches in length, it can fit in your smallest handbag.

What we like about it:

  • Heat control.
  • Travel friendly thanks to the small size and USB charging.
  • Easy to use.

5. NexGadget Rechargeable Travel Straightener With Power Bank Function

Since you are most likely buying a cordless hair straightener for travelling, why not get one that is a power bank too? The NextGadget flat iron is also a power bank for emergencies.

It has two USB ports. One is for charging the straightener; the other is for charging other devices such as your smartphone. The power bank’s capacity is 2200mAh.

Even with the extra function, the straightener is still small, measuring only 8.2 inches in length. It barely takes up space in your bag. It has three adjustable heat settings and a lock button to ensure it doesn’t switch on by mistake when inside your bag.

What we like about it:

  • 2-in-1 straightener and power bank function
  • Universal USB charging.
  • Heat level control.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do cordless hair straighteners work?

Cordless hair straighteners are just the same as the corded ones, but they don’t need to be plugged in. Some use batteries, but most work by being plugged in and charged up – the downside to these is that they generally take a long time to charge, and many can only offer a limited amount of usage time before they need charging up again.

That being said, they’re a great portable solution to your hair straightening needs, and certainly make it easier to straighten your hair – no more tripping over cables or worrying if you’ve left them plugged in!

Q: Where can I buy a cordless hair straightener?

You can buy just about any brand of cordless hair straightener from any of the big online retailers, or from a high street shop. Your hairdresser or stylist should be able to give you tips if you are not sure what brand you should be going for – or you can go online and browse the products and reviews until you find what you are looking for.

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