How To Choose The Best Castor Oil For Hair Growth?

You’ve probably already heard that Castor oil is a fantastic ingredient that works wonders for hair. It can reduce the incidence of dandruff, moisturise the scalp and make the hair look shiny. If you buy the best castor oil for hair growth, you can even stimulate the growth of hair itself, by energising the follicles and giving the scalp a much needed boost.

What is Castor oil?

This ancient oil is filled with fatty acids and vitamin E, along with quite a few minerals and beneficial compounds, which can work wonders at rejuvenating hair that is not quite as thick and full as you want it to be.

Castor oil is made from pressing the oil out of Castor beans (which, interestingly, contain Ricin, but the heating process removes any toxicity remaining in the beans, so no need to worry about being poisoned from the scalp down!)

Castor oil is rich in Ricinoleic Acid, which is what is good for the hair – it adds shine by preventing moisture loss through the outer layer of the cuticle, meaning that you are far less likely to experience dryness and frizz problems.

How to use it on your hair?

Using castor oil for hair growth is easy – simply rub a small amount of it into your scalp and the top of your hair (you can go down the mid sections too if you like, but avoid the ends as this can cause clumping) and then relax with it on your head for a good half hour or more.

When you rinse it out you should notice a great difference in the levels of shine and lustre your hair has!

It is recommended that you use this treatment around once a week; too often can leave a build up on your hair which may make it look limp and greasy.

And which is the best Castor oil in the UK?

We have been doing some homework, and we’ve found some of the best castor oil for hair growth on the market.

You are looking for a relatively pure oil, so that you get all the benefits of the oil – but remember, you don’t need to spend a fortune on this. A good quality castor oil will be effective and easy to use, so just read on for the best suggestions.

1. Naissance Cold Pressed Castor Oil Review


An unrefined castor oil that is perfect for slapping straight onto your skull, this one offers all the benefits of castor oil plus being beneficial for your eyebrows, nails and cuticles too. It is a cruelty free brand that prides itself on sourcing only the best ingredients that have not been tested on animals. You can either add a couple of drops to your shampoo for regular hair maintenance schedule, or go the whole hog and rub it into your hair for a nourishing, moisturising treatment.

What we like about it:

  • Pure, unrefined and cold pressed – this means that this product is as natural as it can possibly so that you get all the benefits of the castor oil as nature intended.
  • Can be used for other areas than hair. You can use this castor oil to benefit your nails, eyelashes and cuticles as well as your hair.
  • Not tested on animals. For those who are concerned about the wellbeing of other creatures besides ourselves, it’s nice to know that there are effective products out there that do not rely on cruelty in their manufacture.
  • This product is not smelly. Many people are put off using castor oil because of the odour – this one has little to no smell at all.
  • Can increase hair growth. Verified by many users, this castor oil has been reported to improve and increase hair growth.

2. Pukka Herbs Castor Oil, Organic & Cold Pressed Review


Pukka is a well known company that specialises in creating products that are organic, non-harmful for the environment as well as good for the body. This oil can help with restoring split ends, improving shine, and even encouraging hair growth. It is hexane free, and free from solvents, making it suitable for applications all over your body, from your head to your toes.

What we like about it:

  • This is a totally organic product, so it’s ideal for people who are really careful about what they out into and onto their bodies.
  • It can be mixed with other oils for greater effect – you can, for example, mix this product with coconut oil for a soothing, rejuvenating mask that will give your hair a serious burst of moisture.
  • It’s a cold-pressed oil for maximum benefits. This oil is simply the oil squeezed from the beans, and nothing else – no heat treatment, no additives – jus the castor oil.
  • Can help reduce frizziness. Applying this oil to your hair can help reduce the fly away hairs and lack of moisture that cause a case of the frizzies.
  • This product can help hair regrow, or improve the quality of hair that is currently growing on your head – or even your eyebrows and eyelashes.

3. Etrong Organic Castor Oil Review


This cold pressed, organic compound is designed to make the best of your hair and give it shine, lustre and growth. It lasts in your cupboard for years, so no need to worry about it going out of date! It is an undiluted, chemical free product which will help to improve your hair and even increase its growth. This product will help to grow your hair, as well as your nails and eyebrows, and improve your general appearance so much that you will wonder what you did before it!

What we like about it:

  • Naturally derived ingredients means a healthy additive to your health care regime. This oil will give you all the benefits of the oil itself, without any harmful additives or fillers.
  • Very easy to use – simply rub a small amount of this oil between your hands to warm it, then rub it well into your scalp and hair. You should start seeing benefits within a few weeks.
  • Contains no chemicals or GMOs. This is an important consideration for those of us who are concerned about their health and the health of the environment.
  • You can use it for other things as well as hair – using this oil on your nails, eyebrows, and even the skin on your face has been shown to produce benefits.
  • Comes with a set of brushes. This oil is delivered with its own personal arsenal – a set of brushes which you can use to comb it through your hair or use to apply it to other parts of your body.

4. PraNaturals Cold Pressed Castor Oil Review


This oil, which is rich in fatty acids and minerals, is ideal for stimulating hair growth. It has anti inflammatory and anti fungal properties too, which make it ideal for treating skin conditions as well as promoting hair growth. It contains massive sources of Vitamin E, which is essential for hair growth, and can treat scalp infections as well as its many other benefits. It is easy to use, and comes with a handy dropper.

What we like about it:

  • Contains omega fatty acids to promote hair growth. If you’re looking for a product to help you grow your hair, you want one that is designed to do just that. This oil will help stimulate the follicles and make your hair grow faster and thicker.
  • Cold pressed for the best results. This oil is pressed directly from the bean, with no added unwanted extras.
  • Rich in Omega acids. These fatty acids help the hair, skin and other parts of the body function at their best. Using this oil on your scalp will help your hair be the best that it cam be.
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin – these two compounds are partly what make skin soft, elastic and looking young. The same is true of hair – if you add these two to your locks then they will reward you by looking strong and fabulous.
  • Can be used on all the family. If you want to add something to your toddler’s bath routine to encourage hair growth, then this is the product for you! If your partner is thinning on top and you want to do something at it, this is ideal. Your own hair needs a boost? Rub it into your scalp for all the delicious benefits!

5. Earth To You London Castor Oil Organic Review


Sourced from an organic farm in India, this castor oil ticks all the boxes. Free from chemical contaminants; good for the hair and scalp; perfect for boosting collage production – you can enjoy long, thick, lustrous hair with this oil and not feel bad that it contains harmful chemicals that might be bad for your scalp! It is long lasting and should take you years to run out of, making it a fantastic investment.

What we like about it:

  • Suitable for vegans, and never tested on animals. This is a big consideration in this day and age; cruelty free beauty is a massive plus point.
  • Will last for two years. You can forget about this product on your bathroom shelf and know that it will be fine when you pick it up again!
  • It doesn’t have an offensive smell. Castor oil can be a little pungent, but this one is designed to be non offensive.
  • Makers hair soft and shiny – this is exactly what you are using the oil for, right?
  • Saves you money in the long run. Because it is so long lasting and does not go off, this oil is a good investment.
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